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Past updates

In late April, we went headed back east for the D-Train's christening. It was a short weekend, but we had a really nice time seeing all the uncles, aunts, cousins, great-aunts and great-uncles. Kenny especially had fun playing with Merry and Jack, although Jack did get a little rough at times...

The weekend after we got back, I took Kenny to Coors Field for a Rockies game. He had a great time at the baseball stadium, got to see the mascot Dinger, ate a hot dog and soda, and enjoyed the singing of "Take me out to the ballgame." At home, Kenny just keeps getting faster and faster at doing his jigsaw puzzles and still loves to play ball and run around. He has been a typical two-year-old in many respects lately, including, unfortunately, having a really tough time going to sleep for the night. That's been tough on mom and dad.

Darcy just keeps growing before our eyes. This morning, she made the roll from stomach onto back for the first time. She loves when we feed her cereal, and she'll grab the spoon and hold it in her mouth. She can fuss at night, too, but it really calms her down when we put a (light) blanket over her face.

The lastest news is that last week Kenny took a swing and connected with a pitched ball, and Darcy has gummed a couple of bananas the past two mornings. Darcy seems to really want to eat real food, so we're going to start her on cereal this week. She's also becoming an expert at rolling onto her stomach, and holding her head up when she's on her tummy. Kenny has been reciting the alphabet almost all the way through, with only a few letters omitted or transposed here and there. It kind of took us by surprise -- you've gotta be careful about what the kids pick up when they're at school. We also bought Kenny a real aluminum t-ball bat over the weekend.

Over spring break we went to Los Angeles to visit Yeh-Yeh and Ngen-Ngen. The trip to the airport was crazy -- the economy lots were full and we had to park in outlying shuttle parking. Automated check-in was a mess. We didn't get seats assigned together. And the security line was long. When we got to the gate, they still hadn't gotten us seats together, and the gate agent was upset with us. Daddy sat next to Kenny on the plane, and Mommy sat with Darcy in her lap several rows in front of them. But luckily, the kids were pretty good on the plane ride.

We had a very nice, but short visit to L.A. Uncle Horace and Aunt Erin were there as well. One evening we had dinner with Ngen-Ngen's side of the family at Uncle Chet's house, the next night we had lunch with Yeh-Yeh's side of the family. We also went to visit the gravesites of great-grandma and great-grandpa.

Kenny got to see a lot while he was in L.A.: Travel Town, the zoo, the beach. Kenny had a good time at Travel Town, a train museum in L.A.'s Griffith Park. He climbed aboard one engine and didn't want to get down at all. Finally, we explored a little, and rode the miniature train. At the beach, we found a little sand dune that Kenny had a blast playing on. He was running up, and running and rolling down, for about half-an-hour. He also had fun chasing seagulls, and he took a quick dip in the water.

Darcy got to meet many of the relatives for the first time. They were all captivated by her smile and her laugh. (Yes, she's starting to laugh more and more, as well as grabbing things.)

Kenny's second birthday party was a great success. We had five of our neighbor couples and their kids over, which made for a pretty full house. Kenny was having a blast just playing with 3-year-old Mason before the masses arrived. Once the house filled up, he got a little bit tentative. He broke down crying when "Happy Birthday" was sung, but recovered nicely once he got his piece of ice cream cake.

In the past few weeks, Kenny has been reciting short verses from books, songs and nursery rhymes. Humpty Dumpty ("Humpty Dumpty sat on wall. Humpty Dumpty great fall.") and Wheels on the Bus ("Wheels on bus go round and round, all OVER town") have been ongoing. Recent additions include Silly Sally ("Silly Sally went to town, walking backward upside down") and Skinamarinkydinkydink ("love you in morning, love you in afternoon, and underneath the moon"). Oh yeah, and "ROX!-anne"

Darcy seems to have finally gotten over her pooping issues -- she went three days in a row to start the week -- and I'm sure she'd be glad to know we're documenting it for the world. She is an incredibly smiley baby. We can't well enough to say if she's more smiley than Kenny was, but she's definitely got a wonderful personality. She also slept through the night (until 5:30 am) on two occassions this week.

from Kori:
Just so you all know, we've taken to call them "K-dog" and "D-train." They'll grow into them. Kenny prefers to be called "picnic" or "P-nic." I told him the other week that he was a neatnik (he always wants napkins to wipe himself off) and he interpreted that as "picnic." I said "Well, you are no picnic either." It'll be a great story when he's drafted by the Yankees and everyone wants to know where he got his nickname.

from Bryan: When we pulled into the parking lot today, they had just finished the intro/lead-in to the Tony Kornheiser show on ESPN radio. Just as the music started playing, I turned off the engine and opened the door ... and Kenny says, "Tony ... Tony ..." Definitely our boy.

Kenny's second birthday is next week; huge blowout party is in the works. Darcy smiles all the time and grasps objects; hasn't pooped in days.

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