How To Join
If WWII re-enacting and living history sounds interesting and fun to you, we would like to invite you to join us! 
Things to keep in mind:
1.         There is no obligation.  If you decide re-enacting is not for you, don't worry about it.  We want everyone to learn and enjoy themselves.
2.        You don't have to have all the necessary uniform/equipment for your first event.  We will help outfit you with the necessary Level One equipment.  The only requirement is that your uniform and equipment meet the authenticity standards.  If you decide to join we will continue to help you with equipment AS LONG AS YOU ARE WORKING TOWARD THE LEVEL ONE REQUIREMENTS.  We will also help you do this.
3.       A tactical battle weekend usually consists of a Saturday and Sunday action.  If you like you can just do one of them.  You do not have to participate in both.  The Saturday action generally begins with a 0800 formation and last until 1600.  The Saturday battle will have more people, which means more activity.  The Sunday actions are shorter from 0800 to 1100, with less people involved. 
4.       You don't have to spend the night at a tactical or living history display.  If you want to show up in time for the formation and inspection, that is okay.  However, we encourage trying an overnight bivouac at least once, so that you will experience a little of what the GI went through.  When staying overnight, a proper WWII military bivouac (to include correct tentage, etc.) will be maintained.
6.      If you want to participate in living history or reenactments, understand that this is physical work.  If you have any health conditions that may cause a problem in the field, you must inform the unit CO and NCO in charge.  This is as much for your protection as the units.
For more information about joining our unit, to request a membership form, or to if you would like to utilize our unit at your event, please contact us at     
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