121st Cavalry Squadron
106th Cavalry
Uniform & Equipment Requirements
These are the basic requirements you will need to begin re-enacting as a member of the 121st Cavalry Squadron.  If you become a member of our unit, you will be issued a complete list of required and optional items.  This is the uniform and equipment used by almost all cavalry troops during the war.  Authenticity is a primary concern of our unit.  Prior to purchasing any item, we recommend checking with the CO or Authenticity NCO to make sure it is correct.
Reproduction equipment is allowed, but must be indistinguishable from the original.  With the many fine reproductions available today, this shouldn't be a problem.  "Khaki" (a light tan shade) is preferable, but OD green equipment was issued and used by troops in WWII, and is acceptable if dated 1944 or earlier. 
The required shade of all leather items, except as noted, is known as "army Russet" (reddish-brown).  U.S. WWI field gear, except headgear and footwear, is acceptable for use but not recommended. 
If you are just getting started, don't worry about getting all the equipment exactly right before attending your first event.  We will help you by outfitting you with the things you don?t have and will help you find the items you are missing.  Although authenticity is very important, we don't want a lack of items to deter anyone from getting started.  We are happy to help anyone put together an impression.
Level One - Recruit
1.         M1942 Herringbone twill (HBT) shirt (2nd Pattern)       
2.         M1942 HBT pants (2nd pattern)
3.         HBT short bill cap       
4.         Khaki web belt w/open face buckle                                         
5.         M1938 leggings (greenish khaki), 8 lugs, 17 eyelets                  
6.         Type 1 cap toe (preferred), Type 3 roughout boots or 2 buckle boots-late war issue(no leggings required)
7.         ID "Dog" tags (2) w/1940's chain                                                                               
8.         OD green or white undershirt               
1.         M1 helmet and liner (w/proper chinstraps, etc.)
2.         M1936 pistol belt w/ ammo pouches for M1 carbine (preferred for cavalry) or M1923 10 pocket cartridge belt
(choose belt which is appropriate for weapon carried)
3.         M1942/M1924 first aid kit
4.         M1910 canteen, cup and cover
Required Weapon
These are the weapons commonly used by the cavalry trooper in WWII.  Be sure you follow your state and local regulations before your purchase.
1.         M1 carbine (no bayonet lug) w/sling and oiler
2.         M1 Garand rifle w/sling and oiler
3.         Blank adapter for above weapon (or have weapon permanently blank adapted)
Unit members will have nine months to achieve Level One - Recruit after joining.
Level Two - Private
1.         M1937 OD (mustard) wool pants
2.         M1937 OD(mustard) wool shirt
3          Raincoat or poncho (no hood)                                                 
4.         M1941 field jacket, M1943 field jacket or  winter combat (tanker) jacket 
5.         Gloves, OD wool w/leather palm
6.         M1941 "Jeep" cap (mustard shade)
7.         Enlisted overseas cap, yellow cavalry braid (preferred) or plain (no braid)
1.         M1936 musette bag
2.         M1936 suspenders
3.         1942 mess kit (meat can)
4.         M1926 eating utensils  
5          M1 ammo bandoleer
6.         M1910 T-handle shovel with cover or M1943 folding E-tool with cover
7.         Weapon cleaning tool kit
8.         10" M1Bayonet and M7 scabbard or M3 fighting knife or M4 carbine bayonet w/M8 or leather scabbard
Members will have 18 months to achieve Level Two - Private requirements.
1.         Haircuts will be of a 1940's military style.  Hair will be off the collar and will not touch the ears.
2.         Moustaches are allowed, but will be trimmed to the corners of the mouth and will not extend past the edge of the upper lip.
3.         Absolutely NO beards.  However, for field impression stubble is allowed.
4.         If you wear eyeglasses, you are required to purchase an appropriate 1940's period set of eyeglasses or wear
Check with CO or Authenticity NCO for sources.   
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