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The Airsoft Zone
I would like to give Chad Fine a special thanks for contributing some information, and that great Alien pic.
         I have this site mainly for three reasons.
First to tell people about airsoft, which are replica (built to look exactly just like any gun from  pistols, to heavy machine guns)guns that shoot plastic BBs that you can either shoot at people during war games, as a wall decoration, or just for target practice in your back yard. These guns cost anywhere from $20-$9,000 each.
            Second it's just something to do!
I'm home schooled, 15 years old, so I have a lot of free time. My time is spent mostly just playing football (Quarterback), Basketball, looking at airsoft guns I wished I had on the internet , playing Xbox, playing my new Game Boy Advance SP, and babysiting.
     On my site you will see pictures of airsoft guns, the best prices I could find for those particular guns, maybe some reviews for them, links to really good websites, and  maybe directions on making other kinds of airsoft weapons(Claymors, ect.).
     Lastly, to have a small game store, where I will try to sell games that I have beaten(mainly just for GBA, Xbox, and PC).Thank you.
What is Airsoft?
My Vidio Game Store
Pictures, Prices, and Specs
Home Made Airsoft Bombs
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Picture contributed by Chad Fine, Thank you.
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