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Well that's it.  This is quite possibly the last update ever for the Cossacks.  And because of that we'd like to make it as blasphemous as possible. 

Anyhow, Cossacks Drummer Greg is heading out to Omaha soon and the band will cease to be.  Funkmaster Steve on the Bass will be working for the man fulltime.  Lifting rocks and such, I believe.  And who knows what's going on with Carter.  He might deliver you a pizza sometime if your lucky.

Anyways, after eating the Virgin Mary's Jam Rag the Cossacks plan to record possibly before leaving.  So check back and there may be some songs in the media section... that aren't shitty accoustic ones. 

So we'll end with a good Jesus joke that I give credit to a nice man named Eric that I met at our last show.  I'm probably going to not do this one justice because I don't remember it all that well.  But her she goes...

Q:  Why were all the women in Nazareth trying so hard to get to "know Jesus"?

A:  Because he was well hung.

That's all from the Cossacks,
Go in peace, serve the lord:  THANKS BE TO GOD!
Jesus Hates the Cossacks.
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