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April 2004
The Davis family is now a family of four... well five if you count Abbey!  Gracen is doing wonderful and growing like a weed.  Big brother Luke has taken it all in quite nicely.  Actually, there for the first several weeks he was completely oblivious to his little sister.  I think she was basically just another new Christmas toy to him… one that he wasn’t too impressed with.

Luke started pre-school in early January.  He loves going and Mommy loves having Tuesday and Thursdays to run errands and do things around the house.  I did find out Luke has charmed a little girl in his class.  It seems the two had to be separated because they kept laughing, talking and HOLDING HANDS!  Yes, the little Casanova even admitted to it by grinning sheepishly when asked about his new girlfriend.   Is this kid gonna give us a run for our money or what!?!?!

Gracen is almost 4 months old and weighs in at close to 16 pounds.  She is already developing her personality and her Daddy thinks she inherited it from Mommy.  So what if the girl has a quick temper and gets so mad she starts sweating when she cries.?!?! The only problem I have with this is when out in public strangers think I am ignoring her cries or pinching the devil out of her.  I get lots of comments and stares when she is throwing one of her inconsolable fits. 

Scott is still doing well in school.  He just turned in his wish list for where we want to go after graduation.  It looks like no matter where we end up, Iraq will be in his immediate future.  We knew deployment was inevitable once he became a Physician Assistant, but I know nothing will truly prepare us for life without him. 

I keep telling myself I need to update this site, but Gracen and Luke have other plans for me during the day.  I hope to slowly update as many pages with pictures as I can.  Please continue to check back as our favorite pictures of the kids pop up here from time to time.
~ February 2004 ~
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