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Whats Going On

March 18th 2k +1 -::looks at the date:: where have I been?! just kidding, but if you really must know why the site has not been updated, its because I am completely re-making the Delta Flyer website in to DF2.0! Yes, like I promised, when the site reached 4,000 hits, i began work on DF2.0, re-making the entire site into a new, better looking, image. You can visit that link to see how far it has gone.

Jan. 28th 2k +1 -I added a second Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force MOD to the Downloads Page. Its a skin package of Kim, Paris, & Torres wearing their flight suits from season 7's "Drive".

Jan. 18th 2k +1 -I FINALY re-added the Star Trek: Armada MOD to the Downloads Page. Its a great new little add-on for the game that lets you build and use the Delta Flyer from your Federation shipyard (In multi-player, A README is included in the .zip. Also... I updated the Delta Flyer Weapons Page with the Delta Flyer's Deflector Pulse, As seen in "Body And Soul". Another thing, I added a few more 'few words' to the Delta Flyer Shrine page.

Dec. 12th 2k -I added a MOD for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force to the Downloads Page. Its a really awsome Multi-Player level add-on for the game. It is the USS Voyager's Deck 10, complete with crew quarters and a large docking bay with the Delta Flyer in it. It comes with a README in the .zip with its very easy installation instructions.

Nov. 17th 2k -I added a "the new Delta Flyer" section to the Weapons Page today. I also added a New Delta Flyer Pics Page to the pictures archive. I also added a "the new Delta Flyer" section to the Cockpit Design page. All of them have a lot of pictures of the New Delta Flyer that I took myself.

Nov. 13th 2k -I added another three pictures pages to the pictures archive. Now there are 72 images in the archive!

Nov. 11th 2k - I added Four new pages of images to the pictures archive. bringing all the delta flyer pics in the pictures archive to a grand total of 54! thats alot, not to mention all the other pics on other pages of the site. Also, there are some AWSOME pictures of the New Delta Flyer on the Engineering Page!

Oct. 20th 2k - I added four more episode to the Featured Episode Page today, icluding 2 with the New Delta Flyer!

Oct. 1st 2k - Ok, as you can see, i changed a few things on the homepage again. and Ive also taken the Star Trek: Armada Delta Flyer MOD off the download page for the moment. A freind tested it out and showed me that it was pretty buggy. So I'm going to fix the bugs and put it back on the site later on.

Sept. 20th 2k - Today I just kinda Redid a few things on this page (the index page) like changing off the main picture and linking the Delta Flyer's destruction pics at the bottom to their larger counterparts. Oh, and I am going to start putting dates on these Updates so you know when it happened.

I just added the Super Cool Star Trek: Armada Delta Flyer MOD to the Downloads Page. If you have Armada, you dont wanna miss this download! Check it out at the Downloads Page

Great News everyone!!!
Episode Name: DRIVE
Production Number: 249
Scheduled Airdate: 10/18/00
Stardate: 54096.6
Episode Synopsis While Tom Paris and Harry Kim are performing tests on the New Delta Flyer, they encounter a mysterious pilot who challenges them to a race. The woman, Irina, later informs them of an upcoming starship race. Soon, the Starfleet officers find themselves involved in this race-an event intended as the first step towards peace between four different cultures from this area of space. But one of the racers is determined to sabotage the goodwill of the event.
To see for yourself, click here!

I Added two AWSOME cutaways of the Delta Flyer Cockpit to the Cockpit Page!

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The Delta Flyer has been destroyed!!

Need I say more?