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Welcome to The Doraemon Resource. This site has  been developed in dedication to one of Mr Fujiko's vibrant manga characters, Doraemon.

Right now, it's school in Australia, so I wouldn't be doing much updates on the site. I have planned a rough draft of the gadgets page, and I am also planning to have a multimedia section. Anybody who have any pictures whatsoever, please send it to me at my email . It would be greatly appreciated and you will be credited for your invaluable contribution.

Anyway, enjoy this site and please report any missing links or errors to me if you could. Once again, thank you very much for visiting TDR.


18 - February - 2003

             Doraemon's art exhibition...

Sorry guys I know it's been ages since I last updated this site. Anyway, there will be a Doraemon art exhibition in Osaka, Japan, from the 15th March to the 5th May. Below are just some photos from last year's exhibition.

会場風景02     会場風景01

13 - December - 2002

Doraemon The Movie - The Mystery of
the Wind Protector - will be out on the
8th March 2003 in Japan. More
information could be obtained on the
official Dora-Movie site.

The New Dora-Movie - The Mystery of the Wind Protector (please correct me if my translations are wrong) - will be out in all cinemas in Japan on the 8th March 2003.. Above is the official Movie poster.
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