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There are many people out there who like stategy games so I decided to review "Dawn of War" (DOW) for this month.

DOW has four races, Space marines, Chaos Space marines, Orcs, and Eldar. All of these races are cool to use and are equally balanced. However, I think the Space? Marines are REALLY cool, so I'm going to do a unit review on them.

Before we begin I want give you a basic idea o?n how DOW works. Instead of building single units with massive amounts of hp, games workshop has? ??chosen instead to use
squads. When ?a squad is built, there are about four to five units grouped and combined together. These groups (Squads) move as a team, fight as a team, share life as a team and die as a team.
Squads have the reinforce ability which adds a?n additional? team member?? of the ?same unit into the ??squad, ? squad units can be in?dividually upgraded  with "Heavy weapans" (they? comes at a ?cost) ranging from flame-throwers to rocket launchers.

Squad morale begins at its highest point and slowly decreases when battle commences. Morale is lost when a squad is shot at but can be quickly recovered if ???????the squad gets to fire another effective volley back. ?Morale is as important as life because it decides the accuracy and will to fight. Squads with a broken morale will scatter into individuals and shoot with crap accuracy, rendering them ineffective.?
Whenever units get close enough during combat, they will take out swords and start fighting hand to hand. Some units are made especially for melee combat making them very strong and dangerous. Melee units will get annihalated if there are no ranged support.


Another change is that you don't gather resources with units, instead there are certain
?Strategic points ?on the map??????? that can be captured ??by your squads, these strategic points generate a flow of requisition (DOW curency). Other sources of requisition are Critical locations and relics. When you capture a Critical location an automatic countdown of 7 minutes begins. However, if the enemy? captures? your Critical location you? will lose control of it and the enemy can begin THEIR final ?countdown. Captured ???Relics make available ??elite units? ???of a ra?c?e that can decimate bases such as the? "?Oblitorate"? ?of Ch?aos? Space Marines

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Space Marines Battling Eldar
The Space Marines

The very first race in the campaign and the arguably strongest race in the game, Space Marines dominate the battlefield with their firepower and melee.

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