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As of 11/8/02 at 11:52p.m. The Evil Within is now officially a new Resident Evil site. Right now it's just Resident Evil 0 but it's getting there. I still want to add a weapons section, but I'll do that tomorrow. After I get done with RE0 I'll start on the REmake section. I plan on adding sections as the games are released for the Gamecube. So I'm going to want the RE2 and RE3 sections up some time before January 7th. I know I'm a little late on the REmake but cut me some slack I started really late and was more interested in RE0. So have as much fun as you can here. Once you run out of things to do visit the message boards or some of my affiliates. Thank you for your patience and I ask for some more as I begin work on other sections.

UPDATE:12/24/02 - The Biohazard series site has been updated. and the version of CV will be the DC complete edition. RE3 will be the PSX version and RE2 will be the PSx dual shock version. check it out here (note: this is japanese so a good translator would help.)

UPDATE:12/10/02 - I've added My RE0 Wallpaper to the wallpapers section go check it out! You may find that some of the pics don't show thats because one of the image host I use is down and if they don't return soon I'll be moveing host. So if some things don't work that's why.

UPDATE:12/8/02 - Well I've finally built up the initiative to start work on the Resident Evil Remake section. so expect to see that up sometime soon.

UPDATE:12/3/02 - New Link in the affiliates section to a really cool Wesker sight! And Also Silent Evil a Great sight for info on Survival horror games.

RE0 is now out and the review is here. Go check it out!


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