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In Prose...

At top was ropes of golden hair-
Combed through by claws for rip and tear-
These often sheathed in gloves of red-
And lowered from their owners head-
Neath lashed lids eyes shone full and bright-
Surrounded by fur dark as night-
Which clad her form from head to toe-
Bared full to friend and full to foe-
Obstruction due to carried blade-
Was pointed as all were well-made-
The coil of a sweet-curved tail-
Could evoke pleasure, make one wail-
Or snatch from sheath on back of belt-
Small knives for throwing- need be felt-
And as if this were not enough-
A whip killed thought of gentle stuff-
Proudly riding ebon hip-
Highly unlike to simply slip-
More likely pulled and brought to bear-
Should threat be made to one she cared-
But on to big and better things-
As though perhaps she had no wings-
She was blessed, or cursed they said-
Fangs set within her lovely head-
But with these came a magic's ease-
Allowing her do as she please-
And thus all should before attack-
Think perhaps protect their back-
For whether you be fanged or horned-
Hell hath no fury like vampire scorned.

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