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01-15-01Hello Ghost fans of the world wide web! Word is in about the rumor circulating that the Ghost had quit the SWL, Stars Wrestling Limited. Well...Apparently SWL President Brian Williams has decided to close the SWL, having one big final event. Now..Will the Ghost be there...It is hard to tell, I've heard rumors of Williams asking wrestlers to who they wanted to fight and what title...Could the Ghost go back to SWL and fight for the Quasar title, and maybe get it for the third time? Or will the Ghost go for the title that he never really went for before, the SWL World Heavyweight title. Guess we'll have to wait and see. In IWF news, the Ghost From NO Where last night at Winter Wasteland became the United States Heavyweight Champion!!!The Ghost won the belt after defeating Marcus Alen in a buried alive match. The Ghost successfully buried Alen, who the Ghost will fight next in the IWF is un-known. The Titles/Awards Page has been updated. The IWF match featuring the Ghost and Alen is up, so check it out on the Matches page. In other Ghost news the autograph signing at the Kansas City Mall went turned out great! In ACWO news, the Ghost and sTar apparently have a problem with some guy named The Creep. The Creep wants to challenge both the Ghost and Star in a tag match...He also says that he wants to knock some since back into the Ghost. Finally! The Ghost From No Where has caught up with and has agreed to a one on one interview with us! Even more news on, we will have an official Ghost From No Where, and Resurrection Mary Merchandise store. We have already received two t-shirts, one is a Ghost T-shirt, and another is a Disposable Minds T-Shirt. And even more to it, Resurrection Mary herself is said to be having a t-shirt made. Well thats about all the news for now, news maybe more updated even more today. Later!

01-13-01 Hello all Ghost fans!!! This is the web master and the Ghost has finally made it back. After months of not be active the Ghost From No Where has signed with the ACWO, one of the greatest feds the Ghost has ever been in. In more Ghost news, the Ghost, Resurrection Mary, Star, and Kaylee, have yet again teamed up in a different fed, the ACWO, and are now known as Disposable Minds! As for the SWL, it is rumored the Ghost has quit, nothing has been confirmed as he is scheduled to wrestle this Sunday on Shockwave. In other Ghost news, the IWF, Internet Wrestling Federation, the Ghost is still under contract, as he made a brief appearance on Friday Night Fever changing his match with Marcus Alen, United States Champion, from a standard US Title match, to a BURIED ALIVE US TITLE MATCH!!! Be sure to watch Wrestle Fest II only on PPV, this Sunday, January 14...Now lets see...Hm...The Ghost is suppose to be at the SWL event, but he also has a title match at the IWF...I wonder which one he will pick. The Ghost and Resurrection Mary will be at the Kansas City Mall on January 12, (Today), signing autographs, to help promote Wrestle Fest II. In even more news the Ghost is working on making, official Ghost,and Disposable Minds T-Shirts they will be up for sale in the merchandise section which will be on the page sometime this month. Well for the biggest News Update ever, and the first of the new year, this is the only place to get the first inside news for the Ghost. Later.

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