Welcome to my own personal library.  In the past couple of years, I have discovered a wide assortment of stories that cater to this delectable fetish. The works of giantess and giantess-related fiction archived here are those that I have always felt are the best of what this genre has to offer. They are, in my opinion, masterpieces and works of art that I am happy to share with all of you.

  Some authors have written extensive bodies of work with numerous stories that could have easily made this page (Hi-Standard is one I'm sure springs to most of our minds). I invite you to visit their own story archives; links to those sites can be located at the other end of the Emporium.

  Most stories archived in the Athenaeum are here with the expressed permission of the original authors. If an author finds one of his or her stories here against their consent, please contact The Panther to either have it removed or to grant your permission.

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At Last! - by ZZZ

  A cute and quick work from the WiZZZard, this is one of the first growth stories I ever read.  I originally found it over at Nadie8's site and I think one of the main reasons I still like it so much is because of her one line description, "pleasure makes them grow!"

  It's about a young college student who encounters two cute coeds involoved in a unique science experiment.

  This story includes fast growth, amazon, and mild sexual themes.

Creature from the Blue Lagoon - by Terry Sinclair

  An incredible work of fiction I found at the Alt.Sex.Fetish.Size newsboard a few years ago. It is one of the more erotic stories I have ever read. The whole is told through the innocent point of view of a maturing young woman, something I believe adds immensely to this story's appeal. Trust me, you will never view the word "diddle" in the same way ever again. Kudos to Terry Sinclair who e-mailed me in order to claim the richly deserved title of 'Author' to this genius piece of GTS fiction.

  It's the story of Brooke, a beautiful castaway, on a deserted island along with her companion Chris, a growing teenage boy who is beginning to take delight in overpowering the smaller girl. She discovers a mysterious fruit one afternoon, while hiding from his abuse, that helps her to turn the tables and switch their roles as tyrant and servant.

  This story includes fast growth, amazon, giantess, mega-giantess, violence, and strong sexual themes.

A Long Drink of Watters - by Rapscalion

  A gifted author with a small body of work, Rapscalion tore through the giantess realm a few years ago and quickly left us gasping for more. Life unfortunately took it's hold, as it should, and he moved on to greener pastures. But a number of his stories still stand for the enjoyment of others and I am happy to showcase a few of them here.

  "A Long Drink of Watters" follows the torrid love affair between Mark, a well-endowed stud, and Kathy, a raven-haired amazon with an incredible body. As time goes on, Kathy is still growing, and they find that they still have her not-so-little sister Mindy to worry about.

  This story includes slow-growth, amazon, and strong sexual themes.

Made to Order - by Solomon

  Another gifted author that has departed the writing scene as of late, Solomon wrote a number of female growth stories where he himself was a character. I've always loved that element and have incorporated it into each of my own works.

  "Made to Order" is an extremely well-written story about an erotic film director given an interesting movie request by an avid fan; he is asked to make a film that involve a number of young women that grow out of their clothing, a worthy endeavor. To help him make the best movie he can, a mysterious agency comes along and lends him their assistance with their own brand of 'special effects.' But there's more going on behind the scenes than meets the director's eye.

  This story includes fast growth, amazon, muscle growth, and breast growth.

Personal Growth - by Rapscalion

  Another choice selection from the files of Rapscalion.

  Three young girls, jealous of another classman that is stealing the choice men at their high school with her tall height and incredible chest, discover a growth horomone to help them acheive the same stature. At first, all three benefit as they blossom into buxom amazons; but one of them succumbs to the sweet taste of her growing power and begins to hoard the horomone all to herself, soon outgrowing everything and everyone.

  This story includes slow-growth, amazon, breast growth, and strong sexual themes.

Sprirtual Growth - by Crow Magnon

  A new and very talented author on the Giantess scene, Crow Magnon has a fantastic grasp of detailed growth and atmosphere description. That coupled with an uncommon setting makes "Spiritual Growth" a riveting story worthy of a night-time read and being showcased in the Athenaeum. I am ashamed to say, that I plan on stealing the backdrop for a story of my own one day.

  This is the story of Leeda, an adventuring amazon that has settled in the medievil town of Solace as the high priestess of the local church. When she suddenly begins suffering unexplained growth spurts, companions from her past come to her aid. But there are other forces coming to town with a dark purpose of their own.

  This story includes fast growth, amazon, giantess, and violence.

Star Trek Voyager : Holo-Fear - by Gator

  Though the plot of this story revolves around male-shrinking (a facet of this genre I tend to avoid), I still feel it is an outstanding work of giantess-related fiction by a great author. It is very well-written with interesting characters that are true to the Star Trek universe.

  Holo-Fear is about a ship-wide holographic experiment that results in the shrinking of all of the men aboard Voyager down to mere inches in height. The female crew members end up having to take care of them until a cure can be discovered. Aside from problems arising between the giantesses and their charges, an alien species with an appetite for living cuisine arrives on board for trade negotiations.

  This story includes male-shrinking, mild domination, and mild sexual themes.

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