The Characters
Jo Bob: Well, well.  I see you felt the need to stalk me...

Homie: Sugar-Jo! That's not NICE! *Snuggles up to him*

Pew Pew: Heh, heh...Sugar-Jo, Bro?

Jo Bob:...*Points to Pew* you, Shut up and you *Points to Homie* Off The Penguin.

Homie:...In the immortal words of Dr. Evil: 'How 'Bout No!'

Pew Pew: dude, you're whipped.

Jo Bob: *While being crushed by hugging* not whipped, temporailiy beaten.

Pew Pew: Whatever...
~*The Masked Homie*~
(*)Jo Bob(*)
(&)Pew Pew(&)
Pew Pew: Anywho, Check it out dudes and dudettes!
      This page is dedicated to the coolest trio of friggin' sweet cats on this side of gnarly!
      So click away, my fine compadres, and enjoy the sweetness that is us!

*Hums to Rocky Horror tunes Homie is playing over the speakers*

Jo Bob: Seriously, you need therepy...or brain washing, whichever comes first.

Pew Pew: Dude, you're just jealous because I actually know the words.

Jo Bob: No, I'm just pitying you because of the depletion of braincells in your skull.

Pew Pew:...totally!

Jo Bob:...God. Damn...
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