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Ahh...finally some peace and quiet...

This is a page to read all the poems, fanfics, and works in progress, and already made short stories.

Have fun reading and hey, if you have any stories related to 'The Funky Penguin' or any of the cast characters,
send 'em on over and I'll put 'em up! :)
The Clown
- A poem written after a messy argument with a friend.  As you can tell, it had happened to me several times and this reflects the character I feel like when I am yelled at.
The Divine Trinity and the Lifeblood Lullaby
- This is a vampire story I wrote for my Humanities class.  The assignment was to write an epic with all the nessecary ingredients: A Brave/wise hero, a good/evil conflict, the quest for immortality.  I think I did pretty good on that! :)
Auditions at the 'Funky Penguin'
- for 'American Literature', we were told to write a short story using 10 or more vocabulary words.   I hate vocab, but I love short stories.  The vocabulary words are bolded.
Yay short stories!