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Magnetic Men Character List
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Magnetic Men [Metal Men / Brotherhood of Evil Mutants]
The Magnetic Men were created by Magneto as a homage to his original Brotherhood of Mutants who were killed. The Magnetic Men all possess the memories of their Brotherhood counterparts.
Their various civilian IDs are based on similar IDs given to the the DC Universe Metal Men in the late 60s. HEX IRN M&M MFM

The Sinister Society has recently joined the Magnetic Men.
Antimony [Platinum / Scarlet Witch, Patsy Walker] [Antimony]
Alias: Debbie Walker
First Appearance: Magneto and his Magnetic Men #1
Antimony's arms form unbreakable blades. Her body is covered with an indestructible Diamagnetic casing. She feigns no emotions. She is able to fire diamagnetic blasts which can reverse an opponent’s polarity.
Antimony poses as supermodel Debbie Walker when in human form. M&M MFM

Bismuth [Tin, Snapper Carr / Toad, Rick Jones] [Bismuth]
Alias: Snapper Jones
First Appearance: Magneto and the Magnetic Men #1
The youngest member of the Magnetic Men. Bismuth has the ability to throw toxic punches which corrodes an opponent’s circuitry but also leaves him physically brittle and prone to lose pieces of himself in battle. Like Antimony, Bismuth is also Diamagnetic.
When posing as a human, Bismuth assumes the identity of Snapper Jones, a street musician. M&M MFM

Cerebro [Marvel]
Used to track mutants by Magneto. A creation of Professor X in the Marvel Universe. M&M UNL

Cobalt [Gold, Lucious Fox / Mastermind] [Cobalt]
Alias: Lucious Richmond
First Appearance: Magneto and his Magnetic Men #1
Seething with radioactivity, Cobalt is the Magnetic Men's energy powerhouse. He is the natural leader when Magneto himself is separated from the cybernetic crew. Built with the best electronic mind, Cobalt has the power to blast radioation from his body. When posing as a human, Cobalt assumes the identity of shrewd businessman Lucious Richmond.
No obvious elements of Mastermind save the quote: "Cobalt - the master gave you the best electronic mind..." M&M MFM

Iron [Gold / Steele, Unus] [Iron]
Alias: John Henry Steele
First Appearance: Magneto and his Magnetic Men #1
Iron was the first of the Magnetic Men. The most headstrong, Iron always charges willingly into battle. He possesses an attack-repelling magnetic force field that renders him nearly untouchable.

Jones, Snapper [Snapper Carr / Rick Jones]
Human identity of Bismuth. MFM

MagneMorpho [Metamorpho / Magneto]
Former ID of Magneto. MFM

Magneto [Doc Magnus / Magneto] [Magneto]
Real Name: Erik Magnus
First Appearance: Brotherhood Of Mutants #1
Erik`s mutant magnetic powers manifested in his teens, making his ultra-competitive, non-mutant brother Will hate and fear him. Assuming the identity Magneto, Erik banded together a team of fellow super-powered mutates known as the Brotherhood of Mutants, all of whom were tragically killed by his insane sibling`s Sentinel robots.
In their memory, Erik created the Magnetic Men, robot facsimiles of the Brotherhood members, in an effort to safeguard other mutants from his brother`s evil. Magneto created the super-computer known as Cerebro in order to locate mutants and help them. A strong rivalry exists between Magneto and Mr. X. HEX IRN JLX M&M MFM XPT

Magnetometers [Responsometers / Magneto elements]
CPU of the Magnetic Men. MFM
Mastermind, Mister [Mister Mind / Mastermind]
Mister Mastermind is the assistant, and often times conscience, of Magneto. Possessed of the power of creating illusions, Mister Mastermind was responsible for the Magnetic Men`s human-looking alter ego's. UNL

Nickel [Mercury/ Quicksilver] [Nickel]
Alias: Lance Vale
First Appearance: Magneto and The Magnetic Men #1
Nickel possesses super-speed as well as a keen intellect, which makes him a valuable member of the Magnetic Men.

Richmond, Lucius [Lucius Fox / Kyle Richmond]
Human identity of Cobalt. MFM

Steele, John Henry [DC (Steel II)]
Human identity of Iron. MFM

Vale, Lance [Vicki Vale / Lance Bannon]
Human identity of Nickel. MFM

Walker, Debbi [Debbi / Patsy Walker]
Human identity of Antimony. "Debbi" was the star of a couple minor DC romance titles. MFM