Welcome to our Munchkin cattery



Breeder:    Theresa Fouché
Situated:    Vanderbijlpark, South Africa 
Email:         theresaf@acenet.co.za
Tel no's:   +27 16 9311990       
                    +27 16 8897178      
                    +27 82 808 5239         
(after hours)
(office hours)

Welcome to THEANI Munchkin cattery in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa. My name is  Theresa
Fouché and THEANI is our small exclusive cattery where the cats are very much a part of our
family and dearly loved as our pets.

Although  we now  breed Munchkins, it  was the beauty and  loving nature of our  Burmese female
Sp Ch Nikita Chanel, together with the encouragement of my friend and fellow-breeder Heidi Tietz,
who  inspired me to start  breeding Burmese on small  scale.  However, Chanel decided  to rather
concentrate on her show career than ruining her elegance and graceful body  with pregnancy and
babies and therefor sadly never had any babies.

It was a very special day (Mother's Day as well) when we fetched our first Munchkin from the airport
and ever since she has changed our lives completely.  Thank you so much to Johan Lamprecht for
trusting this girl to us and a special thanks to my very special friend Rusty Human, who has passed
away since,  for the encouragement and initial "negotiation" to let us have Colette.

Apart from Munchkins we have a lilac and brown Burmese, who will always remain special to us.

I hope you will enjoy your visit and trust  you will fall in love with the Munchkin breed just as we did.


   Birthing kist

   Looking out

Kittens are born in a wooden box right next to my bed, which is
lined with carpet and equipped with blankets and a heating pad.

Colette peeping through the window
at the side of the kittening box.



    Litterbox training for kittens

Colette just loving every moment of motherhood

Kittens are introduced to the litter tray as soon as
they start leaving the birthing box on their own.


   ***  Lover's Den  ***

   The courtyard

This is our stud, TJ Hooker's, compartment.
Whilst our females have the freedom of the
house and garden, we tried to make Hookie's
life as comfortable as possible with this. 

And this is the the view from his front door onto
his own enclosed courtyard, secured by electric
fencing. The sliding door from our family room
opens onto the courtyard.

   *** Lover's Den ***

   A view from the stud house

A close-up of the veranda in front of Hooker's log
cabin, which we gave the nick-name Lover's Den

The courtyard is paved for easy cleaning, and we are
fortunate enough to have a stud that does not spray.


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