I don't own a camera, so all pictures on this site are a year old, get over it!
Please excuse the mess, there are a few things going around in my head, the place is still under construction.
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UPDATE!! happy birthday to me, I am no longer a17 year old fun loving Navy brat, I am legal now 18 yrs young. I lstill ike to make friends on line because I move around so much, and it is hard to leave friends behind. You will always have a "computer buddie". I like to play on line role playing games because I don't have to worry about what people think of my free spirit. Of course everyone should get along.
this picture is going to change too
This is what I look like when playing on-line. A slender half-Elf with silver hair and Amber eyes
Links to games I like
although I don't play them anymore, they are still good online games:

Vagabond's Quest