The Dead
Matthew Ford (Webmaster)   Guitars, keyboards, music

Adam Ford 
Drums, lyrics, music
The Dead
2000 -
Welcome to the The Dead, and its website.
The band is in a bit of a state at the moment, as we're still on our own, just writing. Maybe soon we can finally get a proper band together.
Anyway, this website will feature news, info, lyrics to songs which haven't even been finished yet, and anything that you'd expect from a band in our situation.
Soon, I hope to be able to get up some sound files of demos that we are recording on a 4 track. Until then,  the site gets no better than this.

Children Of The Grave is coming along, and we hope get it down on tape very soon, as a fairly finished version (for now). It's long and snail-paced compared to the original, and much darker.
We are also looking for other people to join the band. We are mainly looking for a bass player and vocalist at the moment, but I would also like another guitar to play our songs with us.

Ad Nauseum
Asylum Seeker
Children Of The Grave
Death-Wish Day
Fuck 'Em
Houston 620
Idle Vice
If You Don't Have Anything Positive To Say Don't Say Anything At All
In Thrall
Kosher Holocaust
Love In Happy Valley Where The Sun Always Shines
Mr Mammon
Reasons To Be Tearful
The Rapist
Tuesday On Hope Street
Wonderful World