"Debating is a sign of intelligence." -Mr. Ohnmeiss, chemistry teacher

One of my passions is debating. Nothing is more impressive than watching a skilled debater defend what he stands for and persuade the spectators to his side at the same time. Here I would like to sharpen to your debate technique by sharing my knowledge with you. I have a fairly good amount of debate experience for my age---ever since I was nine I have studied politics and at about age 13 I began studying religion and morality. Over the past five years I have debated countless topics on online forums and over email. My three year Model UN career earned me several awards and the respect of many peers and helped me develop my public speaking ability.

If you would ever like to debate/discuss a political, scientific, or religious issue with me, I am willing over AIM, e-mail, or forum of your choice. See bottom of main page for details.

Debate Archive

The following is a collection of completely off-the-cuff debates/discussions concerning a number of topics with a number of people. They are saved straight from AIM, therefore they may appear sloppy to those not used to reading netspeak. Also, I would recommend you do not judge my debating ability by the following. I was participating with the intent of intellectual stimulation with my peers, not uploading them to my site. Treat them, therefore, as little more than fun.

! = Exciting * = Interesting

razzendahcuben and FBJourneyKid
Discussion with ex-CU student about Michael Moore, John Kerry, and separation of church and state. I was debating with myself whether or not Christians have a moral obligation to "hold on" to our government.

* razzendahcuben and FF7Masamune
A good friend, not sure if he's a Christian, and I discuss the cross as jewelry, then how Christians demonstrate their devotion to Christ, and then the state of the church in general, along with a comparison between Christianity and other religions. Excellent apologetical dialogue.

! razzendahcuben and Ducks Love Sugar
A mormon girl and I discuss Mormonism, mainly the important questions: was Joseph Smith able to deliver a new testament? and what is the Mormon view of salvation? Great tactics for debating Mormons.

! razzendahcuben and FBJourneyKid
An ex-CU student and I discuss The Passion of the Christ right after I watched the film. Still filled with strong emotions and already disgusted at the ignorance of secular movie critics, I was not very open to tolerating more criticism.

razzendahcuben and Brianzo8
A friend, still in high school, and I discuss the resurrection of Christ and then my brief conversation with his pastor earlier that day.

* razzendahcuben and Brianzo8
Discussion of the value of media entertainment.

razzendahcuben and Brianzo8
Discussion of The Passion of the Christ after I watched the film.

* razzendahcuben and Gnatso24
I explain my political and Christian beliefs to a very liberal friend from Tufts University. Very good discussion.

razzendahcuben and BerryGirl
I play devil's advocate with a girl from CU, questioning the impact of Christ in the lives of Christians.

! razzendahcuben vs BboyNeko
Fast-paced, heated discussion with an atheist about 1 Samuel 15. I don't think I did a very good job, neglecting many important points, but it was good experience nonetheless. Neko reminds me of a kid who wants his way so bad that he just starts screaming the same thing over and over, "MURDERING BABIES IS EVIL!" while covering his ears to prevent any opposing thought from challenging his dogma.

* razzendahcuben and Gothic Ichthus
A good discussion with a fellow CU student over Christian media discernment.

* razzendahcuben and Gothic Ichthus
Discussion with fellow CU student over prophecy that is supposedly being fulfilled. His source for the increase in earthquakes was something like 88 Reasons the Rapture Will Happen In 1988. My goal was to help him realize that Christians must sharpen their level of research if they hope to sound convincing.

razzendahcuben vs LtDanKeslar
I play devil's advocate with my dorm RA to see how he responds to 1 Samuel 15.

BboyNeko vs janiz1998
BboyNeko, atheist, debates a girl over 1 Samuel 15. I think she did a great job, but Neko, as is his custom, turn off his ears but not his mouth.

! * razzendahcuben vs BboyNeko
Excellent debate on 1 Samuel 15 and information theory with post-debate commentary.