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Welcome to the Dickens Club. This site is dedicated to all us Dickens Addicts out there who just can't help it but make their villages bigger and better with each passing year.

You know what i'm talking about. The endless cutting and pasting and building of that all imporatnt landscape, where your shops, houses, cottages, peddlers, and people will make there homes for 4-6 weeks of the year.

The constant scouring of Hallmark Stores and Novelty Shopps to see the latest releases and to steal ideas for future set-ups.

The fact that you found this site, says it all, you are an addict. Admit it. It's OK. There's absolutely nothing wrong with you. So you really get into the spirit of things, so what. Last I checked, we could use a few more over spirited people during the holidays.

So welcome, and I hope you return often, fell free to contribute, and enjoy yourself.

Top 10 Signs You are a Dickens Addict

1. On January 1, you start writing up architecual plans for your next Village.

2. Your Village grows by five or more buildings over the course of a year, instead of one or two like normal people.

3. When buying Village pieces as gifts, you can't help but buy something for yourself as well.

4. You find yourself in a fierce competion with friends who also have a Village. A competition they know nothing about.

5. Any Village that does not have atleast 10 pieces in it is not worth your time.

6. You drive miles upon miles just to visit stores that have enire rooms dedicated to the Dickens Village.

7. Upon entering these stores, you go into an uncontrollabe euphoria.

8. You dedicate a web site to your Village.

9. Your Village takes up at least half a room in your house, furniture is moved to make way for your set up, and there is actual hammering, sawing, and nailing to construct the platform in which your Village will stand.

and the 10th sign you may be a Dickens Village Addict...

Taps is played before you dismantle and box everything up for another ten months until it is time again for your Village to be reborn.

Submit your own Top 10 list to I will post the best entries from each list on this page.
LAST UPDATE: 12/12/03