All you never wanted to know about our American style Hogwarts story!
Ok. FIRST of all, you should know that the Ditz and Bush are NOT the owners of Harry Potter, Hogwarts, etc. We do own the plot, since the idea (I'm sure it's been done before, tho, mind you) came out of our insane/crazy/bored/looney/nutty/hyper/had too much sugar and is in overload '.' BRAINS! (Mine is located in my arm, that's a whole nother story...) Weeeeell, The bush and I were really bored one day and we created an American Hogwarts. We made teachers, personalities for the teachers, and classes for the teachers, and students to drive the teachers insane! And they're ALL right here, for your convenience! (I sound like a TV ad!) So, Coooooome ooooon doooown, Joooohnnyyyyyy! WOAH, I need to cut that out. =P
The Teachers
The Class Schedules
The Teams and classes
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