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Metallica Tribute
Daniel Dodson
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  Hello, and welcome to my website, or my emotional outlet as my therapist calls it. Anyway, who cares how old I am or where I live or any of that crap. I'm here to have some fun.
     Anyway, now it's time for what I'm sure is the sole reason for your money spent on time on the net. What I like. This is routine for all my sites (all 3 of them, oh boy), so don't critisize me.
     So, I'm into the basics of what all true Americans are into: computers, video games, sleep, TV, and food. Whoop-dee-fricken-doo. I haven't met one person in my entire life that doesn't like those 5 basic things. If you are one of the exceptions, E-mail me so I can laugh at your pitiful sorrow.
     Harsh, I know, but hey, I'm tired of seeing other "about me" sites that state that basic stuff. Anyway, another major thing in my life is guitaring. I'm no Kirk Hammet, but I'm not about to say I'm bad, either. I'm still learning. Same with paintball. It's a great sport, but I'm no pro.
     Anyway, feel free to surf around and enjoy. E-mail me and sign the guestbook, you know, hang out. Don't worry, you can always learn from your mistakes.
Welcome to my world.
...Tedium Nevermore.
Sadam sucks, the world is frying, and I'm still optomistic. That about covers all the news, except that I finnally have my computer back and can...do...stuff.