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Faith's wish list

This page is for the grandparents (and others) who ask what Faith wants or needs for Christmas. (BTW, she really doesn't need anything bug lots of hugs and kisses...she's pretty easy to please.)

  • Clothes in size 4 (if Zellers, shirts can be size 5). For Please Mum, shirts are S and pants can be S tool. She really likes "pocket pants"...any jeans with pockets. A few sweatshirts work too.
  • For Faith's Plan Toys Terrace Dollhouse, the baby room/accesssories would go over well. (Scholar's choice, and other toy stores sell the accessories.)
  • Faith loves make-believe things now...playing house, dressing up, feeding her dolls, etc. Anything along that line, such as costumes, .
  • Something from Groovy Girls...she has a few of the dolls, the sleeping bag, the car, and a kitten. (We're going for a groovy girls obsession and not Barbie!)
  • Play-doh. Our last batch is getting pretty worn out.
  • Art supplies. She loves all crafts now, but especially things that involve glue and sparkles. Glue sticks are great!
  • For DVDs, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., or Shrek 2 (if it's out).
  • Books are always good. Dr. Suess Hop on Pop (?), for example.

Please note what is not on this list:

  • Race cars, Nascar helmets, racing car driving lessons
  • Ponies or other large or small four-legged animals
  • Golf clubs!