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Cottage 2004

The July 1st weekend was our 6th year heading to the cottage to spend the weekend with Gramma, Grampa, and Aunt Margaret. And, it was Faith's 4th time!

The weekend started at the Mad Hatter Tea House in Creemore, where "the girls" (Allyson, Margaret, Gramma, Robin, and Faith) had a lovely lunch, and the boys (Curtis, Grampa, and George), went to the bar down the street. The teahouse was "too girly" for them.

We headed to the beach many times with Faith and she loved throwing stones in the water with Great-Grampa, and splashing around with Daddy. She even made sand castles...ensuring the correct mix of dry and wet sand.

Bubble blowing was also a highlight. We're not sure who had the most hot air... Great-Grampa, Great-Gramma, or Great-Aunt Margaret.

And, of course, we took a picture in the tree in front of the cottage. Faith thought this was the greatest tree!

As always, we had fun (and played Pepper), and look forward to next year.