Role of Israel in the End Times
According to the Christian Bible and thought, there will be visible
signs foretelling the Apocalypse. Many of these signs deal with the nation
of Israel, as it is a key spot in these Biblical events. The following
will explore Israel, from its becoming a nation in 1948, to the prophesized
Rebuilding of the Sacred Temple, the rise of the Russian Military against
the nation of Israel, and the mass Jewish Migration back to Israel. In many
ways the nation of Israel will be a dangerous and exciting place to be if
the Biblical prophecies and interpretations are indeed true.
  1. Israel Becoming a Nation
  2. Rebuilding of the Temple
  3. Rise of Russia's Military
  4. Jewish Migration
  5. Bibliography
Denise's Role: She will be looking at both Israel becoming a Nation and the Rise of Russia's Military. Each topic she will examine and describe how these fit into being signs that Israel is a major factor in the end times.

Keith's Role: I will be focusing on the Rebuilding of the Temple and the Jewish Migration back to Israel. Each one of these topics I will look at closely and show how these fit into the end times scenario involving Israel.


Keith Van Pelt

Denise Scotti