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Description: I am He who is the creator of all things. I am the Word who speaks life into every living soul. I am he who is transported upon the Light. I am the Word that is Life.

What is The Light?
I am He who is the Creator of all things. I am the Voice who speaks Life into every living soul. I am He who is transported upon the Light. I am the Word who is Life.
The Light is the Quintessential Messenger.
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The Eternal Ripple.:

These are the words which were penned in the days immediately following the Sept. 11 of 2001 incident.
They have been instrumental in the Spawning of a number of other pages.
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What is Light?
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the journey leading to the triggering of these Words.
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The Science of Creation.
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We are all Expressions of The Word who is The Light. The difference depends upon the manner in which we utilise or blend our Stimulation. Our Stimulation governs the portions of the Light who is the Word, that we are able to perceive.

As soon as you create Forces to compel Specialisation of Specific Faculties of Intellect or Consciousness who is The Light and is The Word and is God, you automatically, by default, create Forces to Specialise every individual minute faculty of Intellect or Consciousness who is The Light and is The Word. This is effected by displacement. The Stronger these Forces are compelled to become, the more Specialised and Divided these minute Faculties of Intellect who is The Light, become. The more Divided these Faculties become, the more Devious and Depraved they also become. After some 5-6000 years of perpetually compelling these Forces of Specialisation to become greater and greater, we are now truly able to perceive the results. This is the process of Feeding Demons. When Adam chose to become Intellectually Specialised, he permitted Lucifer to commence Feeding Demons.

The only way Humanity can resolve the Social Cataclysm which engulfes our global community at this moment of Tribulation, is to cease feeding the Demons; to cease compelling and feeding those Forces which are creating and enforcing Intellectual Specialisation. Human must be permitted to experience and exercise all of the Information which is carried upon The Light if they are to be peaceful and fulfilled.
You may CHOOSE to Perceive some PROOF.