Prize: Random Codestone

Info: Neomail an entry to spiffycallie (make sure the subject line is January's PotM Contest) telling her which pet you're entering and why you think she/he should win.  You do not need to include the "why" but it will most likely help towards winning.  At the end of the month I will post the entries and have members vote on the guild poll for their favorite pet.  The winner will recieve the prize. 

Prize: Random PetPet

Info: Donate, enter contests and post messages to compete in the MotM prize.  The winner is the person who is most active and donates the most that month.

Now searching for  January's MotM!
Prize: A Cubett

Info: The first person who gets three people to join wins the prize! Make sure you tell them to neomail me and tell me you referred them! 
Prize: The item!

: If you think you know what the item below is send your answer to spiffycallie.  If you're right then you win the item! NEW ITEM SOON TO COME
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Prize: a random petpet

: Do you think you can come up with a good caption for the picture below?  If so... come up with one!  Neomail your entry to spiffycallie with the subject line: CC/Gimli.Oct05.  Please do so before January 31st 2006 because that's the deadline!