1. You recieve your newbie pack by going to spiffycallie's trades and offering a lame item for one of the trades with the subject: newbie pack.  If you haven't been in the guild over 2 weeks, don't expect Callie to except your trade right away.  The guild is low on neopoints and we need to make sure our members are in the guild for the members and for having fun, not for getting items.

2.  Please do not post more than three messages in a row on the guild messages board unless it's really important.  Also, do not post nonsense messages such as "ahhHHh" or "Immm booorrred".  Do not post more than one message in a row saying "Is anyone there?"  Disobeying one of these rules will result in a warning.

3.  Do not swear or talk inappropriately (you know what I mean) on the guild board.  This will result in being
removed from the guild.

4.  Upon joining the guild do not expect to get a council/second council position right away.  You also will not be moved up in rank right away --> see ranking system below.

5.  Don't be greedy or unhappy with your contest prize.  We give our prizes according to how much money the guild has at that time.  If we're running low on neopoints the prize will be smaller!  (We have what the prize is for what contests on the 'contests' page.)

6.  If you're sending spiffycallie a neomail that has anything to do with the guild please fill the subject line in with the SUBJECT OF YOUR MESSAGE.  Example: PotM Contest Entry/January, Guild Mall, etc.  If you do not do this there is a chance of your neomail being deleted.  Only include information about the subject in your message.  If you have to tell Callie something else please do so in another neomail. 

7.  If you donate to the guild and then Callie deletes the guild (I highly doubt this happening) she will give you back the neopoints you donated.  Please keep an average idea of how many neopoints you donated in case this happens.

8.  If you donate to the guild and then leave the guild, Callie will not refund your neopoints.  You decided to join, you decided to donate and you decided to leave. 

9. Members with 0 posts will be deleted weekly.  If you have not posted in two weeks you will be deleted from the guild.  If you do not post weekly you will get a warning.

Note: There are exceptions to these rules.  If you'd like the guild to make an exception, contact spiffycallie or email us at thefellowship_guild@yahoo.com
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This is our new ranking system (started 4.8.05).  Please read below as to how to get moved up in your rank and how to get on council.  If you have questions, neomail spiffycallie.
MAN - This is the default rank.  You are automatically a man when joining the guild. 

DWARF - This is the next highest rank.  You get this rank by posting
30 messages and joining at least 1 contest.

ELF - This is the next highest rank.  You get this rank by posting
75 messages, joining at least 3 contests and donating at least 1k.

HOBBIT - This is the second to best rank (besides council).  You get this by posting
125 messages, joining at least 5 contests and donating at least 2k.

WIZARD - This is the best rank besides a council position.  When you become a wizard you are automatically on our second council, giving you the ability to help the council make descisions on new contests, events, etc.  You get this rank by posting
150 messages and continuing to post at least 3 times a week, joining at least 5 contests and joining at least one a month and donating at least 5k

COUNCIL POSITION - You will be put on council when
the rest of the council feels you're ready.  You will most be raised from Second Council to Council so try to meet the requirements of a wizard (above).