272nd Military Police
Family Readiness Group
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, PLEASE, eamil us at thefightingdeuce@yahoo.com or you can give us a call. Our Names and Numbers follow.

Jo Neely 0621-736-1347
Lt Tyler 0621-730-8468
Welcome to our FRG page, we will be adding information to this page as we get it.  Please feel free to give us a call if there is something that you would like to see on our page.
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Some of our favorite site with lots of helpfull information.
The following are are PDF files and are opened with Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word.
Bake Sales!!

We will be having a couple of them this month to help make this Halloween special for the kids.

1) Oct 3rd @ Company (down by the vending machines, 1st floor)
2) Oct 10th @ Holiday Bazaar in Heidleberg from 1630 to 2000

Thanks for your support!
Other things that are going on in our company:

1) MP Ball on 4 Oct.
2) Halloween Party on 25 Oct @1500 Turley Bks.
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More pictures from Org. Day.  These are of CPT Wallace and 1SG
THANKS to everyone who helped us out to make this day fun.
Sitting and waiting.
Down she goes.
She's gone
1SG Gordon

Isn' this a blast?

At least you are staying cool.
WHY ME??????
Oh, what a mess
For a look @ Septembers Newsletter. Click here
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