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The I.K.K.A. was established for students and instructors of Korean and other Martial Arts to learn and add an exciting and practical kickboxing curriculm to your current classes, or to learn and cross train in another system.  This is NOT an aerobic or cardio system.  If you are looking to expand your classes past kata, hyung, one steps and enhance students sparring and fighting skills, then our organization is for you!!

  This system will give your students a wider variety of techniques to draw from and give them a kickboxing system that will greatly expand their sparring ability and self-protection skills.

Join our family and be a part of this
exciting growing system!!
Korean Kickboxing
Korean Kickboxing
Korean Kickboxing
Korean Kickboxing
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Korean Kickboxing
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International Korean Kickboxing Association
Tae Guek Kickboxing
Tae Kyuk Kickboxing