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These pages are associated with the air, aeroplanes, the military and associated with any aspect relating to these subjects.

When Kay returns from the library she invariably has bought one of their books that was for sale expressing how such value is being lost to all for the want of a permanent loving home. For example the Royal Air Force Fighter Command Losses of the Second World War Volume 1 by Norman L R Franks contains all the details of the pilots as well as numerous photographs, a family historian absolute treasure! The book needs someone to undertake the indexing of all these names and photos, another task that Kay's has put on her to do list...

She hopes you find something of interest here and that you obtain enjoyment at viewing the photographs.

Kay kindly let the White Helmets have a copy of her photographs and she received an appreciative letter in response and was thrilled.


"Having never flown I greatly admire the service men and women who have over the years gone not knowing whether they will return. My father was in the Royal Navy, my Uncle Harry was in the RAF, and my Grandfather and Uncle Tommy were in the Royal Marines, Uncle Frank was in the British Army and others of my family were in the services. I considered when I was much younger also joining the Royal Navy and when I decided to enquire found that I was too old! The saying "lest we forget" is never more relevant than today."

Kay herself



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