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The Fitness King, your internet personal trainer, offers your fitness needs at a personalized level.  Fill out the fitness goal form or email your fitness goals and The Fitness King will customize a fitness routine just for you.  This fitness routine will be emailed to you.  The Fitness King can also video tape your prescribed workout and have it delivered to your home.

This is excellent for young and old.  All levels of fitness goals can be accomplished from light to aggressive.  There is an old saying that says "if you don't use it, you lose it".  Maintaining your body doesn't have to be gruesome.  The Fitness King can tailor a fitness routine to help keep those body parts working properly for as long as possible.

Seniors!! We haven't forgotten you!!  Use ordinary household items!!  Maintain or regain strength for everyday use!!

The Fitness King is an N.A.S.M (National Association of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer.  He has had experience at maintaining his own personal fitness goals for over 20 years.  He has had to keep up his physical fitness in order to survive the grueling duties of being a fireman.

The Fitness King currently offers the following services:

Customized Exercise Routine Via Mailed Video Tape

Advice on Assigned Fitness Routine Via Email (Up to 3 emails per routine)

Possible one-on-one fitness sessions for local or in-town clients

Willing to consider new service suggestions

The advantages of personal training with The Fitness King:

Exercise at your own pace

Exercise at any time of day

Exercise at your preferred location

A fitness plan for every budget 

Have a workout routine customized to what you can and are willing to do

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