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The 42nd Australian Infantry Battalion in World War 2, 1939-1945

  • This site is 2, maybe 3, different things;
    • It is a stand alone account of the work of the Battalion in 1939-1945 and
    • It is a continuation of the story of the 42nd Battalions of different Regiments that started before Federation and that is partly told on the web-site called 42nd Battalion AIF 1916-19. They were all Queensland (mostly central Queensland) based units. Their history and traditions are represented by the 42nd Battalion Royal Queensland Regiment (42 RQR) now headquartered in Rockhampton.
  • It is also, I hope, a tribute to the 63 men of the 42nd Australian Infantry Battalion who died on Active Service in WW2 and the hundreds who offered their lives in the defence of Australia against the most serious threat the nation has ever faced.


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