We have two (2) certified evaluators that do
A.K.C's Canine Good Citizen (C.G.C.), Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog Certification and evaluations for prospective Fur Angels as well as individual certifications.  If you have an interest in the available testing dates and/or joining our volunteer group,  contact:
Martha Hall - Taylor, Michigan  -  (734) 285-4085
Founder/CEO of "The Fur Angels"
Certifiied Evaluator/Program Director with "The Bright and Beautiful Thereapy Dogs Inc." for the state of Michigan
Jan Beregszaszy - Taylor, Michigan - (313) 295-0295

Pet Therapy Classes offered by Martha and Jan at Happy Paws training center in Southgate

Jan (HappyPaws Training) also offers Obedience Classes of different levels
                                                      About "The Fur Angels"
The "Fur Angels" are a Christian oriented group in southeastern Michigan and is a non-profit organization, solely comprised of volunteers offering compassion and more specifically, unconditional love, through pet therapy, training our own personal dogs to succeed in our mission.                          Our high standards require all of our dogs to be evaluated and temperament tested, as well as pass specific tests know as Canine Good Citizenship (C.G.C.) or a Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog Certification, before they can become a "Fur Angel" and earn their wings.  Our group was formed in November of 1998 with only a handful of caring people.  Today we can proudly say we have grown considerably, enabling us to extend out pet therapy to more facilities and a wider range of programs, such as visitng numerous hospice centers, nursing homes, hospitals, and our motivational school reading program called, "Reading with the Angels" along with educational demostrations.                      
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Animal Posion Control Center (888) 426-4435
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As of October 26,2009 geocities will be closing.  So our new website address is
The "Fur Angels"
2984 Fort Street
Lincoln Park, MI 48146
Martha Hall, Founder/CEO
Contact us to find out when our next Monthly Meeting is Scheduled.