Welcome *S*,

Iím so glad you found your way over here. I am Princess, the adorable cub in the middle *S*

Those other two are my sisters LillyPilly and Tsarina. Our mommy Radja is the loyal protector of Atalante Xanthippos, she only sorta failed her task Ďcause Ata is married. To a bignose *giggle*.

Our hometown Marathon is really cozy. All the people are so nice to the three of us, but that is of course because we are soooooooooooo adorable. *G* Everybody is always telling us stories. (they always hope we fall asleep somewhere in the middle, but that never happens *G* They fall asleep)

There are the old men telling about their adventures in the army. Lilly says theyíre all lies, but I donít believe that. When Iím a grown girl Iíll join the army too. *Growl* The ladies at the market are always gossiping and they tell us about boring things like the story about how they found that gorgeous dress, Ďit was SUCH a bargainí Yuk.

Poly, my dad, is a great storyteller too, but heís always too impatient to finish his stories properly so he just crucifies all his characters and says: ĒThe end, now get lost stupid kidsĒ Daddy isnít a very nice man.

But our favourite story is about Ata and my adopted daddy CJ and how the ended up together. Nobody knew exactly how it happened so my sisters and I did some investigating. We asked everybody in town to tell their part of the story. Itís sooooooooo romantic.

I had some of our favourites stories written down for you to read. *S* Write Ata what you think of them and sheíll write you back. I canít read yet you see *S*
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The Ata and CJ love story
Speaks for itself doesn't it? *giggle*

The Persian Expedition
(Ata is a spy, a real one, and her boss, whoís already really old, has survived many adventures. He always finishes his stories *S* This one is my favourite, I love giving Persians a good beating)

Once upon a time, the boxing day story
(When itís really late and I canít sleep Ata will make up a fairy-tale, hers are much more fun than the ones in the books. But she only makes up new ones for special occasions, like someone specialís birthday *S*)

sentimental stuff for the AS groupie.

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