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Last Updated: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 w00t

Merry Christmas!

Are You READY for the return of the GHOST?

[Message Board]



Hey! One month, baby! Check out that new icon next to the name of the page.


Things have been busy, but so has the Ghost?


Well, I finally updated the site. Since the old guestbook got filled up, I made a new one that can fit 2000 messages. You can get to it and still look at the old one by clicking on "Guestbook" on the navigation bar. New comics coming soon...Oh, and I made this really cool link to my website which I made myself and is really cool. Now you can get to the site by
Almost Christmas...8 more days...


Well, I lied, no just kidding. HA. Anyways, The Ghost #5 is finally here! But first you have to read the new ending to #4. November 8th.

[Ghost #4]
[Ghost #5]

I'm finally going to start updating the site again. I never got around to posting the next issue of The Ghost because of the loads of homework and also because I was too lazy to, but I'll try to get it up as soon as possible. Until then, check out this "Interesting" piece of by Paul Chiller. Click [here]. Also, a reminder that all the characters in The Ghost are all purely fictional, any likenesses are purely coincidental. Ah, good old November 8th.


Wow, it's been a while since i updated the site, almost a month. Anyways Andrew got his email answered by the great Strong Bad, so go check it out. Click here. This is one of the best emails ever. Oh, and some losers made some cheezy ripoff comic book sites that don't even look good or have comics. Check these steaming piles of garbage out:

The Chris


Thank goodness! The mailbombs have finally stopped! Andrew's comic, "Ronin" sucks, but go check it out anyways.


Andrew's awesome comic, "Ronin", is finally here! Go check it out now!


Wow, Blizzard is making a new starcraft game and guess what it's called? Ghost. Coincidence, I think not. Check it out here


Don't worry, that whole shutting down the site fiasco was just a joke, how many of you actually fell for it? But seriously, this mailbombing has got to stop. All of you who know this mailbomber who thinks the ghost is about him, don't hesitate to give him a piece of your mind and get him to stop these mailbombs. The virus thing is also a joke and completely safe, so don't yell at me for getting a virus on your computer. In other news, the ghost forum has arrived so go check that out. I'm also taking suggestions for actors for the Ghost movie. Either tell me or email me your suggestion, telling who the person is and what character they should play. Don't worry Ghost t-shirts and the next issue will be out soon, so hang in there.


That damn obsessed fan! He sent me 180 mailbombs on monday and 500 today. Including last weekends mailbombs, that's 782 mail bombs! Man this guy has no life! He's now trying to get other people to mail bomb me. I may have to shutdown the site.

You can click on the "Last Updated" thing on top of the page to go to the latest update.
Some obsessed fan keeps email bombing me(sending a bunch of crap emails to clog up the inbox, in his case 29), thinking that the comic is about him. Geez, some people just have no life.
UPDATE: That crazy lunatic keeps mail bombing me! This time its 102 emails and he blames it on poor Adam. For the last time buddy, its not about you. The world doesn't revolve around just you! Somebody please stop this obsessed LOSER! Anyways the Ghost 5 and 6 are coming soon.
UPDATE: Paul, the greatest flash animator of all time, has made this awesome flash animation. Take that, vile mail bomber!


Oooh! It's Friday the 13th! Beware! Paul made some crappy flash animation! Check it out here! What's instore for the future? A ghost flash cartoon perhaps? With awesome skills like this, Paul could become the greatest flash animator ever!


People who break other people's watches suck.
In other news...check out Joey's cool site: The Real Mysteries of the world Uncovered!


I've decided on two t-shirts designs to make and they should be out shortly. You can still vote for the next t-shirts though. I haven't had much time to update the site but the next issue of The Ghost should be out soon. What's this? Rumors of a Ghost movie, they can't possibly be true...


HAHAHAHA. This isn't chris. It's Adam (biggest fan NOT Quentin). However, I have hacked into the website and now will delete it with the touch of a button (if I could figure out which button to press). WAIT!!! The Ghost #4 is here never mind I must read it. Read The Ghost #4 and vote in the poll or I will blow up the world (which includes the site).


Visit They have cool shirts, posters and more for sale. "The Ghost" t-shirts and other products will soon be available for sale at zazzle.

In association with


I uploaded two new buddy icons today, one made by Alison. The Ghost #4 will be done soon.


Dum...Duda...Dum...Duda...The third issue of The Ghost is finally here!!!
Click here to read it. Sorry to disappoint you, but this issue will not be 5 times the length of the first issue as promised. This is because the third issue was getting very long and I decided to split it into two seperate issues, but don't worry, the fourth issue will be released shortly. I've also added a new buddy icon and fixed all the links, they should all work now. Please email me at or sign the
and tell me what you think of the new issue. Tell me what you like or dislike about the comic so I know how to improve future issues; your comments are greatly appreciated.


The joke idea is in progress, Paul is hard at work thinking(I hope). Anyways if you want to be a character or have an idea for the ghost, send an email to Oh and to keep you entertained, here are some of my favorite bottle caps, just hold your mouse over each one to see the real fact:

*Real Fact* #31  The average human eats 8 spiders in his/her lifetime while sleeping  Get all the *Real Facts* at *Real Fact* #32  There are 1 million ants for every person in the world  Get all the *Real Facts* at


Sorry everyone I haven't updated the site in a long time but i will upload the 3rd issue of the ghost soon, promise. ill also be adding some more features so just bare with me a little longer. and paul, tell me what you think of the joke idea.


Today I added a history page, so go check it out. And before I forget, I got rid of the old Duke poll, Duke's staying, and that's that!


Welcome to the new look of The Ghost. I've worked long and hard, but finally hear it is: the new website of The Ghost. It's got a new smoother cleaner look that's more relaxing and easier on the eyes than that crappy black background. I've also removed the frames which made the site look tacky. This is only the first page of the new look, I'm working on the other pages along with some other new sections. If you love the new look of the site or hate it, email me your comments. Coming Soon: The Ghost #3, this one's gonna be atleast 4 TIMES the length of the first issue.


Games and Movies! Tell me some good games and movies to put on the site! COMING SOON...The Ghost #3. Sorry about the long wait but this issue will be longer than ever.


HOORAY! The poll and counter are back: 246 visitors and 10,3,7! Hi everyone, my mini-poll and counter seem to have mysteriously disapeared. They were on the site this morning. If anyone knows why this happened, please tell me. Anyways the counter was at 200 something hits and the poll results were as follows:
Yes, kill that annoying bastard: 10
I dunno, he doesn't bother me: 3
No, the comic would suck with just The Ghost: 7


Check out the LINKS section with more links.


Allright! Eli finally got his site up. You can get the address in the Links section and the Other Comics Section. NEW! Contest:Create your own Ghost theme song and submit the lyrics to

The writer of the best song will win a limited-edition autographed picture of a character of their choice from the Ghost.
I also added the official Ghost banner. You can put this banner on your site to link to this site. You can get the code in the LINKS section. Here is the banner :

Visit the Official site of *The Ghost* -- the greatest superhero of all time!


Congratulations to all the Devotion Graduates! We finally made it after 9 long, but great, years!


And Adam, you are one brave guy! I can't believe you did all that crap at the dance, I guess you'll do anything when it comes to money.
--There's a thin line between bravery and stupidity.


I've finally uploaded the long awaited second issue of THE GHOST - this one is a whopping 9 pages. I've also added another buddy icon and another surprise. Enjoy!


I've added a bunch of fanart from various fans. Go check it out for yourself.

Special thanks to Andrew Wong for all of your help!


Due to popular demand, I reduced the comic sizes by half. Now you can actually read the comics without having to scroll to much :) I uploaded two pictures from Paul, one buddy icon and one fanart.


Today I uploaded the first issue of the Ghost, it's in the comics section. I also created the first animated AIM buddy icon of the Ghost and uploaded it in the AIM section.


The Ghost was a comic created by me. It's mostly based on inside jokes, so many people may not understand it. The Ghost doesn't have the best artwork or storyline, but it does have something. Many of the characters in the Ghost are based on real people. Please don't feel offended if a character is based on you, I only intended the Ghost as a joke. Okay enough of this crap. ENJOY!

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