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Photo of John Gorka by Jos van Vliet

Photo by Jos van Vliet

"These birds don't sing in the rain
They're waiting for the sun to shine,
But I'm a man and a man-made thing
So I can sing out any time."

-- John Gorka, "Paradise Once"

"I'm from New Jersey"

John Gorka has been part of the new folk movement since the late 80's, slowly and steadily carving out his niche. He honed his craft in the northeastern folk scene while attending Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, studying history and philosophy. In 1986, he began performing at a local coffee house venue, Godfrey Daniels, a place he returns often. In an arena of topnotch musicians and songwriters, it is Gorka's honest writing and ability to say it all with an economy of words that has earned him accolades from the music industry and his peers. It is that same honesty that draws new fans in each year and keeps old fans coming to his concerts again and again to hear the music they love.

Gorka is known for applying his rich baritone vocals to a wide range of song forms--intimate confessional songs about love and loss, humorous observations about daily life in his neighborhood, poignant commentary on political moods, and exuberant explosions of unmitigated joy.

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