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Our special thanks to Jos van Vliet for his excellence in finding new tracks to add to this list.

Songs sung by John Gorka (not released on his own CD's)

"Christmas Bells" appeared on A Winter's Solstice III - Windham Hill WD-1098, 1990. This song also appears on A Putumayo Christmas - World, Folk, Blues, Jazz and Soul. Putumayo says that it's not available in stores, so go to their 'new releases' page and check it out.

John Gorka Songs (same version as on his own CD's)

  • "I Saw a Stranger With Your Hair" appeared on "Legacy, A Collection of New Folk Music" (Windham Hill Record WD 6, 1086, 1989.

  • "Out of My Mind" appeared on Track 9 of "When October Goes."

  • "Blues Palace" appeared on Track 7 (Disc 2) of Shelter- The Best of Contempory Singer-Songwriters, Putumayo, M115-2, 1994.

  • "Love is Our Cross to Bear" appeared on Folks Live! - Blue Planet Music BP 1003, 1995.

  • The club that John started out in, Godfrey Daniels, has released a compilation of performances called Southside Sunday Nights - The Godfrey Daniels Open Mike Collection, Volume One'.
  • "Love is Our Cross to Bear" appeared on track 15 of House On Fire - An Urban Folk Collection - Red House Records. 1995.
  • "Love Is Our Cross To Bear" appeared on Track 7 of On a Winter's Night - Rounder, 1994.
  • "The Gypsy Life" appeared on track 3 of The Silverwolf Homeless Project - Silverwolf, 1995. Other highlights include songs by: Cheryl Wheeler, Greg Brown, Tom Paxton, Patty Larkin and Ani DiFranco.
  • "B.B. King Was Wrong" appeared on track 12 of Putumayo Presents: The Best Of Folk Music - Putumayo/Rhino, 1993.
  • "Branching Out" appeared on track 5 of "Kids Cars & Campfires" Red House Records 2001.
  • "I'm From New Jersey" appeared on track 11 of "Fathers and Sons - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack". This is the soundtrack to the 1992 independent film. A very eclectic lineup of artists like Chris Whitley, Susanna Hoffs and Julianna Hatfield.
  • "Down in the Milltown" appeared on Track 12 of Troubadours of Folk, Vol. 5: Singer-Songwriters of the 1980s. Label unknown. This is an excellent compilation of songs from a wide variety of contemporary folk artists from the 1980's. A few of these folks are big stars in genres other than Folk, and some others are sorely underappreciated. But with names like Shawn Colvin, John Gorka, Bruce Cockburn, Nanci Griffin, Billy Bragg, Lucinda Williams and The Roches...you really can't go wrong.
  • "Furniture" appeared on track 2 of New Folk Generation Alternative Rock, 1996. K-tel 6143-2. Other songs by: Lucinda Williams, Suzanne Vega, Cowboy Junkies, Lisa Germano, Dar Williams, John Prine.

Remixes of John Gorka songs

Motor Folkin' cd cover

Remixes of "Mystery to Me" and "Good Noise", (also a studio recording of "Campaign Trail" and a live recording of "Furniture" appeared on Motor Folkin', High Street HD94-33, 1994.

Live performances of John Gorka songs

John Gorka's appearances on other artist's CD's (as a lead singer)

  • "24 Green Street" . John shares lead vocals with Mary Travers on Peter, Paul and Mary's album Lifelines, Warner Brothers 9 45851-2, 1995.

  • "Down, Wanton, Down" and "Song for a New Year" appear on Jay Ansill's new album A Lost World - Poems of Robert Graves Set as Songs - BCN Records, 1996. Check out Jay's site for more info.
  • "Let's Get Some Beers". John sings a verse of the song on Pete Nelson's album The Restless Boys' Club (Signature Sounds SSRC 1232, 1996). Bill Morrissey, Cliff Eberhardt, and Greg Brown also sing on this song.
  • "While Roving on a Winter's Night". John shares lead vocals with Dar Williams and others on Heritage, a CD produced, arranged and performed by Darol Anger.Six Degrees Records 524434, distributed by Island Records.

John Gorka's appearances on other artist's CD's (harmony vocals)

  • On Fred Koller's album The Night Before (Alcazar 107, 1989),John sings harmony vocal on the song "King and I", which he co-wrote with Fred.
  • On Jack Hardy's album Through (Brambus Records 199012-2, 1990), John is credited with singing harmony vocals, but the liner notes do not indicate on which songs he sings.
  • John sings harmony vocals on the songs "Troubled Mind" and "Dad's Yard" on Catie Curtis' album Truth From Lies (Guardian 7243 8 35435-2 6, 1996).
  • Also John sings "If I Only Had a Brain" on Barry Mitterhoff's album called SILK CITY on Flying Fish.
  • On Patty Larkin's "Tango" (High Street Records 72902-10312-2 1991) John sings backup vocals on the song "Chained to These Lovin' Arms" .
  • John sings in a chorale on the song "Sensitive New Age Guys" on Christine Lavin "Attainable love" (Philo Cd PH 1132 1990)

  • John sings in a chorale (again) on the song "Wimoweh" on Nanci Griffith's "Other Voices, Other Rooms" (Elektra 7559-61464-2 1993)
  • John appears on Track 9, "Song for Molly" and Track 10 "You're Still Sstanding There" on Lucy Kaplansky's CD, Every Single Day on Red House Records (RHR CD 156) 2001.
  • On Richard Shindell's debut CD, "Sparrow Point" (Shanachie 8002 1992), John sings harmony vocals on the last song "By Now".

  • John sings harmony vocals on the song "If You Could See" on Lucy Kaplansky's Flash and Bone (Red House Records RNR CD 92 1996).
  • On Christine Lavin's Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind (Philo CD PH 1121 1988) John sings harmony vocal on track 8, "Never Go Back".
  • John appears as a "Special Guest" on Tom Paxton's 1996 album, Live For The Record.
  • John appears on Track Five, "Promise Me" on Lucy Kaplansky's CD, Ten Year Night on Red House Records (RHR CD 126) 1999.

John Gorka songs sung by other artists

  • "Let Them In" by David Wilcox appeared on Home Again - A&M Records, 750215357 2, 1991.

  • "Crazy Horse" by Josh Joffen appeared on "Fast Folk, a community of singers & songwriters." ( Track 18, Disc 2) Smithsonian Folkways, 40135, released in 2002.

  • "All That Hammering" and "Raven in the Storm" appeared on Circus by Mary Black - Curb D2-77832, 1996.

  • "Down in the Milltown" appeared on Fire of Grace by Skyline - Flying Fish Records, Flying Fish FF-479, 1989.

Many of John's songs were first published on Fast Folk Musical Magazine. Fast Folk (originally called "The CooP") is published in New York (Fast Folk Musical Magazine, P.O. Box 938 Village Station, New York, NY 10014). Each issue originally came with a vinyl record; now they come with CDs. John's contributions to the magazine are as follows:

  • Issue SE205 (Jun 1983) - "Downtown Tonight"
  • Issue SE207 (Sep 1983) - "Geza's Wailing Ways"
  • Issue FF101 (Jan 1984) - "I Saw a Stranger With Your Hair"
  • Issue FF103 (Mar 1984) - "The Land of the Bottom Line"
  • Issue FF105 (May 1984) - "The Sentinel"
  • Issue FF110 (Dec 1984) - "Out of My Mind"
  • Issue FF201 (Jan 1985) - "Down in the Milltown"
  • Issue FF202 (May 1985) - "I Don't Know Why", "Ragman", "Rock Breaks Scissors" (all of these with other artists)
  • Issue FF205 (May 1985) - "Crazy Horse", "Downtown Tonight"
  • Issue FF301 (Jan 1986) - "I Know"
  • Issue FF306-307 (Aug/Sep 1986) - "I Know", "Who Should Know"
  • Issue FF404 (Apr 1988) - "I Saw a Stranger With Your Hair"
  • Issue FF503 (Feb 1990) - "Leaving Soweto"
  • Issue FF503 (Feb 1990) - "One Cool Remove" (with Shawn Colvin)
  • Issue FF508 (May 1991) - "Temporary Road"
  • Issue FF604 (Oct 1992) - "Where the Bottles Break"

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