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When you're HOT, You are HOT!!!

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The Jolley Mon's Mango Hot Sauces

The Jolley Mon spent three years perfecting a delightful combination of mango and habanero peppers to finally bring to you the best hot sauce you have ever tried. The Jolley Mon really likes the fresh tropical flavor of the mango fruit and also likes to push the heat limits of his hot peppers in all sorts of food items. Every mango hot sauce that The Jolley Mon had tried had a mustard like flavor. He decided that the only way to make a mango hot sauce taste like he thought a mango hot sauce should taste, was to make it himself. That brings us to this product.

Some say that The Jolley Mon's obsession with heat is detrimental to the health and well being of people who mouths are not conditioned to these levels of heat. Of course, the truth to that burning question is in the mouths of the beholder, now isn't it?

Are you ready to enjoy the fresh flavors of the tropics?
To taste the sweetness of fresh mangos delicately blended with heat of the habanero peppers takes you on a mental trip to the islands. To those bright white sandy beaches surrounded with warm waters that are 'a perfect shade of margarita green' with the gentle trade winds blowing through your hair. What could be more perfect?
Little else, I'm sure. This is the experience that you will enjoy with every bite of
The Jolley Mon's Mango Habanero Sauces.


Get Your Jolley's Mango Hot Sauce
is a delicate blend of mangos, pineapple, honey, and vinegar blended with ground Habanero
peppers from New Mexico to give the sensation of being in a tropical paradise
savoring the delights which the surroundings are providing.
Just then the Habanero peppers start to kick in to give you an all encompassing
temperature increase that reminds you why you enjoy hot sauces in the first place.


Habanero HOG Sauce
has the same all natural ingredients as
Get Your Jolley's Mango Hot Sauce
with an
increase in the amount of the Habanero peppers.
The Jolley Mon wanted to provide a sauce that will 'get your motor running.'
This product is not for the weak of heart, mind or body.


The Jolley Mon admittedly has a sweet tooth and has been heard saying,
"I've never met a carbohydrate I didn't like."
Not that it is a bad thing to like carbohydrates, but anything in moderation is much better.



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