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A Poem I Wrote For My Mom ....

Its hard to believe, Mom,
that a year has gone by.
You see, time stopped for us
the day you died.
We still find it horrible
everything you had to face,
whle still finding comfort
in your strong, unshakable Faith.

How is Heaven, Mom?
Oh, we've heard its nice.
Jesus, Himself called it paradise.
A sea of glass around God's throne,
beautiful mansions, streets of gold.
No more sickness, nor more getting old.
It doesn't take a genius to see
just how beautiful a place,
Heaven must be.

You knew that we would miss you,
while you were gone away.
So you left behind a letter,
said you would see us someday.
Mom, we miss you
more than words can say.
It may be near, or could be far..
but one thing we're sure of,
Nothing will ever again
be the same,
until Mom, we see you

--Sherri aka Rainstar
Mom's New Home
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