1970 1/2 Camaro Project Car Built and Owned By Tom Cornett. 

Project Name:     RS-R     (Rally Sport Racer)

Task:                    Full Custom Pro-Touring

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In the begging there was a green car...

wpe54.jpg (30199 bytes)    1_DRIV_REAR_SIDE.JPG (75490 bytes)    1DRIV_NOSE_HEADLITE.JPG (80026 bytes)        

GARAGE_1.JPG (105537 bytes)

ZR1_WHEELS.JPG (112099 bytes)

DRIV_SIDE_FT_SUSPENTION.JPG (147057 bytes)    3_CHROME_TO_BURNIE_2_19_PC.JPG (186775 bytes)    3_CHROME_TO_BURNIE_3_19_PC.JPG (205646 bytes)    TO_BE_CHROMED_3.JPG (131914 bytes)

FIREWALL.JPG (121311 bytes)    FIREWALL_PASS.JPG (107478 bytes)    

Fog Light modification

Notice the original front end...


The plans are to build a solid aluminum grill, ad fog lights, and weld up the seams for a more smoother look. 

HEADER_PANEL_MOD.JPG (102275 bytes)    WELDED_SEAM_NOSE.JPG (114854 bytes)    ...Here the body seams have been welded together and smoothed. 

FOG_LITE_PASS_.JPG (133409 bytes)    FRONT_VIEW_FOG_LITE.JPG (132132 bytes)    FRONT_END_TEST_FIT.JPG (136109 bytes)    FRONT_FOG_LITE.JPG (151368 bytes)    ...The fog lights have been welded and smoothed to create a natural look. A final mock up was done to ensure alignment and clearance before being send to the paint shop.

Clutch pedal

In order to run a T-56 six speed the stock clutch pedals needed to be purchased and modified. The T-56 has a shorter throw than the stock 4-speed and a custom arm was fabricated with a adjustment nut in it. This allows for a clean install unlike some with a fabricated restrictor plate on the floor boards. This will also allow for a perfect adjustment in the throw of the clutch linkage.

PEDAL_ASSY_1.JPG (110133 bytes)    PEDAL_ASSY_MOD_3.JPG (166517 bytes)    FIREWALL_PEDAL_ASSY_MOD_2.JPG (171938 bytes)

Rear End

The rear end is a Chris Alston Fab9. It now has Currie Axles, 4.11 gears, Detroit locker, and aluminum nodular section. The rear swaybar mounts have been fabricated to the frame rails. The springs are multi leaf Eaton's with more PST bushings. 

CURRIE_DETRIOT_LOCKER_4_11.JPG (99537 bytes)    REAREND1.JPG (135994 bytes)    ...Note: In the back ground you might see vette front and rear suspension and a shell of a 67 Nova. That was the first project that got put on hold. Problems came when the measurements showed that the rear suspension couldn't fit without narrowing it which means big $$$. The other option was to cut the car in two and widen it two inches. The parts are still in the garage, but the project is probably on hold permanently. This is not a big budget operation, but just a few back yard car crafters.

FAB_9.JPG (106104 bytes)    REAR_END_FROM_FRONT_ROT.JPG (112490 bytes)    REAR_END_MOCKUP_W_SWAY_BAR_2.JPG (116675 bytes)    EXTENDED_SWAY_BAR_BRK.JPG (126837 bytes)    REAR_END_ROT_CLAMP.JPG (127540 bytes)    ...This set up should provide for very good street, strip, and auto-cross handling. This is a similar set up that the Z-71 Camaro is running. Breaking power will be provided by Bear Brakes.


Frame work

And the winner is.... LS1. This was the best choice for the motor and trans combo based on the needs for the engine, performance desired, cost, weight. The LS1 is all aluminum so it will help with better weight distribution, fuel injection is always a plus, and the complete motor and trans with computer was purchased from Ebay for $4,000. Can we say "Screaming Deal"

LS_1_T56_pass_side_.jpg (127422 bytes)    LS1_T56_from_bottom_of_sub_frame.jpg (138814 bytes)    LS1_T56_Rear.jpg (106030 bytes)   

It has been mocked up to the subframe to check for critical clearances. The motor mounts will most likely have to be fabricated unless someone comes up with a product fast. The rear cross member was almost perfect for the fit. The mount was cut and re-welded.

alt_steering_box_clearance.jpg (190948 bytes)    header_clearance.jpg (166775 bytes)    oil_pan_clearance.jpg (154901 bytes)    pass_frame_mod.jpg (172575 bytes)    pass_side_header_clearance.jpg (157483 bytes)    rear_trans_mount_mockup.jpg (165060 bytes)   

power_stearing_pump_clearance.jpg (154608 bytes)    pass_side_motor_mount_mockup.jpg (150893 bytes)   

The only clearance problems come from the steering linkage. A universal joint will have to be used to clear the pump and header. A rack and pinion unit might just be in the works too.


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