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--->> of the Internet <<---

When I signed up for my Yahoo!Geocities account, I had a little trouble finding a username that wasn't used. I tried to get the only username left at yahoo.com, but there weren't any left, so I had to settle for the last username available.
Since this is the page at the end of the internet, I'll link back to some of the pages nearer the center to help you find your way and avoid falling off the edge.
Links to End All Links:

Chess Hounds

- play chess online till the end of your wits

Short films and iMovie effects plugins

- my film projects and tools to finish your iMovie projects

Antone's Homepage

- dream journal, new years resolution journal, and ... cyberbegging to end the carrying of credit card balances

LDS Singles Network

- vanquish singleness beyond the edge of eternity

After The Games

- the Olympic flame burns beyond the end of the race


- a tool to end all (okay, most) SPAM


- an RSS parser ends the need to generate fresh content for your own website

Gratuitous link to another page of my links

- the link at the end of the list
Haiku to End All Aesthetics:
thou hast found the page
which teeters upon the edge
of the internet
ye who dare to go
beyond the edge of the web,
real life awaits!

Additional reading:

Why we built LDS Singles Network

- Other LDS Singles sites just didn't have the tools to do the job, so my brother and I built our own.

Making singles sites work

- Are singles websites the silver bullet that's guarunteed to find you your match? Only if you bite the bullet.

the end