This costly war has a weak foundation of propaganda based on "imminent danger" and "weapons of mass destruction." Neither of these claims can be supported. No weapons of mass destruction have been found, and there is no evidence to link Iraq to Al Qa'ida. In addition, it should not be the policy of the United States to pre-emptively strike a nation. The methodology used by the Bush Administration to fight this war is morally and fiscally reprehensible.

Cost of the War in Iraq
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There are over 70,000 people in federal prison due to drug offenses. This makes up 54% of our Federal Prison population. (Source: Bureau of Prisons) The U.S. Federal Drug Control's budget for 2002 was well over $18 billion dollars. $6.1 billion of that went to treatment, prevention, and research. However, $12.7 billion went to Law Enforcement, International, and Interdiction purposes. This means 70% was spent on busting drug users and burning crops--rather than spending the money for treatment. (Source: Bureau of Justice)

Legalize the drugs, and the drug-lords would promptly find themselves out of business. 'Drug money' is a very large problem in America. Numerous crimes such as murder and theft are committed because of the high cost of drugs. Legalization (and possible taxation) would save billions of dollars. If the American People are responsible enough to handle alcohol, which kills 20,000 a year, there should not be a double standard with other drugs. It is a well known fact that illegal drugs create enormous profits -- a kilogram of heroin in Pakistan costs an average of $2,720, and sells for an average of $129,380 in the United States*. The money that goes into drugs ends up in the pockets of Drug Lords and foreign terrorists. The crime that drugs create is due to the price/cost of the drug. The more value a drug has, the more crime will increase with it. The de-criminalization of drugs would sufficiently increase supply, thus lowering the cost. Many of the criminals that are funded by drug money would simply be out of business. The Liberal Progress party believes that regulating and possibly taxing drugs would be more beneficial that fighting a war against them. [*Source: United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention, Global Illicit Drug Trends 2000 (New York, NY: UNDCP, 2000), p. 165.)]

The United States' economy is in trouble. We have the largest deficit in history, over $300 Billion. With Bush's new budget over a ten year period it is estimated to increase to $5.4 Trillion. This Administration is creating a fiscal nightmare, and needs to be stopped. Under the Clinton Administration there was a decent surplus ($236 Billion). Now with Bush's Tax Cuts and the War in Iraq, in 3 simple years we are billions of dollars in debt. And this is only the beginning, for the war in Iraq is estimated to cost around $600 Billion. (Source)

Equal rights have always been a controversial issue. Two consenting homosexual adults should have all the rights as two consenting heterosexual adults. This basic fact is plain and simple. The "sanctity of marriage" will not be in any more danger than it already is now. It is estimated that around half of heterosexual marriages end in divorce. Prohibiting marriage on the basis of sex is sexual discrimination, and should end.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The Constitution makes this very clear. The United States does not have a national religion, and ought to stay separate from religion itself.

A strong America is an environmentally clean America. One of the main goals is to increase fuel efficiency, and create more energy sources that are safer to the environment. The Liberal Progress Party opposes drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, and supports the Kyoto Treaty.

The privacy of a woman to choose abortion is something the government ought not to regulate.

The education system in America is not up to quality standards. "Leave no child behind" was an excellent name, however the results of it have been the exact opposite. Fully fund schools, and initiate education programs--instead of cutting them.

Every American deserves healthcare. It is the responsibility of the government to care for its citizens, and current healthcare standards are simply not quality enough. Millions of Americans do not have healthcare, and the Liberal Progress Party wants to change that.

If not the singlemost important issue, economic growth and jobs is vitally important. Instead of taxcuts for the rich, the American People's money is better spent in other areas. To stimulate the economy, you must create jobs. Corporate America needs to get its act together, and keep its hands out of the pockets of the White House.

In the growing years, the labor unions have become forgotten. Work standards are vital to the jobs of the American People. With 6%+ unemplyment rates and millions of jobs lost, worker's rights cannot be ignored or brushed aside.

A costly practice, the death penalty often times is used against those who are not guilty. New advances in DNA evidence, and other crime investigations have proven some prisoners not guilty. The death penalty is also morally and constitutionally questionable.