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This is my paintball gun.. yaay its pretty sweet. It'll be here around May sometime.
Kingsman/Sypder E-99.. yeah hopper and mask too just the gun is sweet..

Here's a picture of the progress my dad's company has been doing. Opening another school in Mosul.

I found my christmas picture- wow.. i look pretty serious. I was kinda pist that we were in the worst mall ever- Tacoma mall, Tacoma sucks period.. =/

Today, I woke up with a great start. Nice and sunny, and warm.. Just perfect, just like Cali- back in the days..

Arpee, your gay. and omg was that the funniest shit that happened on Thursday. "Hey Big-Fun (travis)"*then you cocked an air-soft handgun.* that looked really gay. what else..hmmm..Your gay! I give this one up for you.

Today really sucked. I woke up happy till Ii came to school and bad things happen, bad things! this ugly... girl who sits near me name: everyone_knows wore a Fuckin g-string. It was so gross and funny at the same time I bust out laughing with my friends. Only sexxxy chicks can wear those, not... yeah those girls. Words of the day: very gross, funny..

Long DT. It was fun. yaay...yaay... no, no. not around here in P-town, Washington. This is the most strange state ever, rain and sun each other day. My god it needs to stop I want to go outside with my hombre's, not go home and do nothin but computer and TV. back in the days when you could just walk to the mall and piss off people

nothing.. much.. SCHOOLSUXSX5X10..okay bye

Bus accident. Some stupid driver in a car hit us. That was the shit. it was a bam, then we all flew forward. hell yeah, couple's G-forces hittin us. One Word: It was Awesome

Life Issue's what a fun class.. yeah! Today was cooking cookies. Oh boy fun..not. there were a few minor mistakes. too much vanilla, loads of sugar but it was all good. The dough turned out great. We started to double the batter because we had a large group. Fuckin Ms. Taft she went and told Mrs. Stein "false information"... but overall, our parents complained and we all got an easy 100% :-)

Long day at school... John Kinsler is a fag. He's changed since his fight (I think he pretty much lost) fuckin tub of lard didn't even fight back, and he's trying to be a gangster now, its pretty hilarious. I'm beginning to work on "my version" of the school website and how much school suxs.. Here's a Picture of what me and Danny drew during Spanish.

I think its time for people to have their own website. Express yourself their. Damn stop asking me to post your shit, make one yourself. If you know HTML go to Geocities(Experianced) or go to Xanga(Recommended) or even Angelfire

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I finally updated the site after a year of extinction. Today is the volleyball-a-thon, some gay school activity were you stay all night at the school playing volleyball. $35 for admission fee, fuck that...rather get wasted than some school spirit shit, I should of went last year, but I got suspended right before the event, and those bastard's in the office would pay me back, bitches...

my birthday ...Yaay!...I got a couple bucks...$100...Yaay!