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This is your co-op.  Your participation is needed.
Get active in the operation of  the Lorington.

This online publication provides convenient access to important information for residents of the Lorington Co-operative.

http://www.oocities.org/ thelorington/

See the left-sidebar for links to  Lorington documents:

Member Contact List

Volunteer Duties

Vendor List & Ratings

Operations Manual

Articles of Incorporation


House Rules



Lorington Forms


Notice that all of the Lorington FORMS are available online:


Feedback form

Reimbursement Form

Pet Approval

Residency Application

Lease Application

Roommate Application

Remodeling Proposal


When in doubt about what to do, how to do it, or who is responsible, check the Lorington web site or the Bulletin Board (in the laundry room).  e

Members Only


Convenience with security. 


Access to active business documents, forms, and proprietary information are password protected.


If you need access and do not yet have membership to the Lorington Web, please contact the current Web Master.


Volunteer Job List and names of current board members are posted on the laundry room bulletin board.  e