Here am I ready to stuff my face, but preoccupied with discussing our route and the map with Jane and Armondo.
Here is the cutie again.  This pic does no justice for her.
Here is the ever-familiar gang again, stopping above the TN river (about 50 feet above the TN river) for a picture.
Here is the good ol' Catholic gang that I'm sure you've seen plenty of lately.  We're all ready for the creeper trail, and a fun-filled day of biking!!
Here is Elizabeth,  Now, now, you mustn't stare!  And, yes, I know what you're thinking -- "She's quite a lady!!" (that's loosely translated, of course)
Here are Leigh and Elizabeth at the prom 02, chaparoning.  And on the other side, you can see that I went too!!
Here am I before the prom, trying to look debonair.
Here is my little Saab just back from a creeper trail adventure.
Here are Peter, Elizabeth, Jenny and I at the prom 03, chaparoning.