So here we (Catholic fellowship) are at retrofest 2002 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Can you spot me?
Me, Ingrid, and Pam, livin it up.
Here are the super disco trio, me, Jessica and Johnathan.
Here are Elizabeth, me and Esteban.  Aren't we sexy seventies playas?
Isn't Ingrid a studette??  She has three guys around her. . . .
...And no, I wasn't trying to annoy Elizabeth; I was just trying to get that spider out of her ear.  Aren't we a crazy bunch??
This is Jenny and I at new year 2003.  We had a blast!
Elizabeth, Leigh, and Sandra just having a good 'ol time!
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Me, Esteban, Amando, and Joe;  MEN ON THE TOWN.
The trio once again. . . .