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  this represents only an intention,  in slow progress.


The Caves...
a place where you can see the darkness 

Pagini Romanesti
Romanian Pages
With images, information, links, history. 


A page about Toronto, the place where we live right now. Not the happiest place on Earth, but much better than others. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience, these pages will be re-designed soon, therefore they are off-line for now
Many links to employers and employment agencies in the Toronto area, not that this helped me somehow in finding a job


Page about WWII, in memory of my grandfather.

Space related links, pictures.



Imaginary worlds, I've used Bryce and 3DStudio, for now no other worlds will be added... or who knows?...



Developer's page. Soon these pages will be moved to a new address at http://www.topengineering.com Please check them there.
Links and informations about Web technologies, ASP, VB, shell programming, tips and tricks.

Work in progress... 

The "Linux Install Experience" on a clone machine. 
Work in progress... 



this section will be discontinued

this section will be discontinued this section will be discontinued

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