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Thursday, October 27 2005

Update, Update, Update!

Big news Methheads. Well, not that big, but its pretty damn cool to us. First of all, I apologize for being so lax on the update business. Well, lax isn't appropriate term, because that would imply that I have been doing something just not very much, which I haven't. I haven't done anything at all. So Ive done nothing.


Anyway, the point is, I finally have news. Last weekend we went up to Englewood again and recorded six tracks for a possible EP with an aquaintence of Justin, Dustin Rose. We employed his unparalled recording skillz for a few hours, and now we produce to you the average Methhead, newer, higher quality material. As we promised. You can go to our myspace account and have a listen, and I highly suggest you do. Its good stuff. We'll have that CD with other to tracks available for you to purchase soon enough, as we won't be keeping all the songs that on there now up. By Saturday we'll probably leave about two up, this is so you guys can sample the CD.

The party at Nics. This is questionable. Not the party, but the us playing part, what with the whole sound ordinance business. It may happen, it may not. There may be another band there, there may not.

The Attic show draws near! Im excited about this show because we'll be playing with some friends My Wasted Youth and 8KOunt, whom we know from firsthand expierence put on a really awesome show. This isn't just another Attic show with some junior high bands, this is the real deal. So ya better not miss out.

Thats it for now Methheads, check out the tunes, and above all: stay badass.


Monday, August 29 2005

Well it has been a while since Sean or I updated, so here we go, Yesterday we got the full band over to my house and one of my friends Jon, and we've now officially added Jon Head to the band, as a Saxaphone/Keyboard/Bass/Guitar player. Sean should write him a bio soon, and also Stephanie Weis has been added to the band for vocals on some tracks and sean should be writing her a bio soon as well. We've finally finished the music completely for Cosmic Beauty now that it has some nice saxaphone in it and hopefully will be able to record it soon.

We've got an upcoming show at The Attic on November 12th with a few other bands (you can check the myspace page for more info) so mark your calenders.

And Sean has started drawing "The MLR Chronicles" a comic strip of some of our whacky adventures. Hopefully we can scan this and get it up on the site for you guys soon.


Tuesday, August 9 2005

Finally a download is available! We recorded our first song ourselves as Justin's place with a simple mic-computer set up so the quality isnt so hot, but we're lookin forward to gettin some professional recordings of alot more songs done soon so look out for that. In the meantime check out the song "Friend from Foe" out on our myspace page Myspace and our purevolume page.

Huge thanks to Stephanie for the new band picture

We've been getting alot done, Stephanie Weis will be singing on the tracks Cosmic Angel and Those Were the Days for us (incredible voice that girls got), and we're practicin at Justin's alot. The Methlab Rejects are rollin right along, and we're bringin everyone along for the ride! Ill be updating with new show dates and such later. Check out the new pictures we've put up on various places on the site too.

Thats it till next time Methheads, keep rock in your heart as you go about your daily lives.


Thursday, July 28 2005

So the whole band is sittin here (well, minus Justin, hes in Englewood, as usual). We're tired as fuck, its 2:34 in the morning. But you know what we've been doin all this time? Practicing. Well. That and goofing off, cooking out on the porch and jammin, recording videos of us making asses out of ourselves, and pissing on golf courses. We may just make a DVD out of this shit. Anyway, the setlist so far is lookin like this:

Friend from Foe, See You Later, Cosmic Beauty, Devil's Dance, No Regrets, Those Were the Days, Battle Hymn of the Classroom, Unknown from the Past, Now is the Time,

All of these songs have the music completed, we just need to bring Justin down here, he'll lay some nice drums to them (just the last six) and then we'll be ready to work out a demo album. We've still got a lot of material, but we dont want to get ahead of ourselves, so we're going to finish up what we've got first and foremost.

We're gonna put some of these videos on the site, just because its so stupid its funny. I dunno what else to put here. Im probably forgetting something, but its really late so uh, I think you'll get over it.

So money is not something the Methlab Rejects are in great supply of. Now cutting demos cost money. Money we dont have. As such, Dylan will be selling copies of his CD for five dollars - its pretty funny stuff. Cd Info Here And if you'd like to hit Nic with a baseball bat with purchase of your CD, its a mere additional. 3 dollars - your choice of Lousiville Slugger or five iron.

We're serious.

Dylan would like me to mention that we have been ripping the tags off beanies babies and using them as guitar picks. Because we are that pathetic.

Im off to relieve myself into the 9th hole. Cya.


Friday, July 15 2005
Well Sean's trip was bumped to today so we have to wait until he gets back from vacation in Florida unfortunatly to record anything, and I couldnt practice with Nic today because we was pushing pigs down a shoot at the county fair for some kinda community service thing he has to do. So I went to Kris(my girlfriend and the band'sartist)'s house and picked up a painting she did for Cosmic Beauty and we worked a bit on some album art for Friend From Foe among other things.

We now have collectivly have 10 songs, Sean just sent me some more lyrics for me to put music to while he's gone, so you can check out all the ones that i've put music to on the lyrics page which i've changed around a little bit.

As far as the whole Lexington show goes, I still have yet to get a definate yes, as the date draws near so I dont know about that one,It's really up in the air. We may not end up playing a show, we might, maybe at a different house or in some random person's backyard, who knows. Later, Meth-Heads.


Saturday, July 9 2005
Well its official, Justin is our drummer!! He's now an official Methlab Reject, so Sean will be writing him a bio soon, and he'll be added to the page, next weekend we hope to get a picture of the new full band. I had one of my friends Mike drag me around to get a bunch for shit today but once we got it all set up Justin showed up and we set up and played through a few of our covers then he put drums to Friend From Foe and Cosmic Beauty, so those two are officially done and the lyrics to both of them can be found on our lyrics page. Battle Hymn Of The Classroom is almost done, and I still need to write music to Devil's Dance and Lord Shingen's Gate. Once thats done we'll have a total of 5 songs, if we get a few more we may(I dont wanna get to ahead of myself here)have them profesionally recorded, im not saying its going to happen or anything but we've been considering it once we get a few more good songs done.

As far as the upcoming show in Lexington well, the house we were playing at we can no longer play at because she's coming up to ohio that week instead, and we have another house we think we can play at but its not a definate, but hopefully it'll be a yes, if not we'll find a place to play. The Show WILL GO ON!!

- Dylan

Tuesday, July 5 2005
Lots of updatin to do. First of all, drummin situation. Looks like Englewood is our last hope, and we have still yet to call him -_-; We tried putting up posters, spreadin the word, talkin to people you know, but that just hasnt worked. The only thing thats been taking up our inbox since we started looking has been penis-ehancment pills. So we're hoping Justin will be up for this, because not only are we out of options, hes just a damn good drummer.

We have a total of four songs in progress, three of them are done for the most part so we're posting the lyrics to them anyway (Cosmic Beauty, Battle Hymn of the Classroom, Friend From Foe and Devil's Dance). We're REALLY crackin down when it comes to practicing. On Friday and Saturday we hope to get everyone in the same room to perfect things, as our families (Me and Nics) are going on vacaction the last two weeks of July and we'll only have a couple days to practice before the show.

Our transportation situation has been fixed. We got a nice van that we have outfitted with amps and instruments to transform it into the MethMobile! Its actually kind of sad. We've basically been kicked out of house and home so our last resort is practicing in the back of a van. But thats the way we roll(literally)! When life gives the Methlab Rejects lemons, we turn around and we make methjuice! A lack of a roof over our heads will not stop the power of rock! Pictures of the new band-van/mobile practice stuido will be put up soon.

Finally, Stephanie Weis (you pronounce it like rice-wice, you get the idea) will be coming over to Dylans and we're gonna work on trying out her vocals on a few tracks. Its possible she may become a member of the band, and then maybe the Methlab Rejects as whole will be less of an eyesore. Stay badass methheads.


Sunday, June 26 2005
Alright then. First song we'll have available on the site will probably be "Friend From Foe". We got Nic in with us and worked out all the music, we'll be hammering out the details and then we'll do one of two things: 1) We get ahold of Justin and bring him down to put drums to the track or 2) We find a local drummer that we like. I dont wanna say number one is a definite because Justin may very well just blow us off. We've been kinda off and on regarding our contact with him.

About drumming situation, we obviously cant go much further in the songwriting process without a full band. So today me and Dylan printed up some drummer wanted signs and went around posting them various places. A lot of stores were closed since its Sunday so we're gonna hit up abunch of music stores in the area in the next couple days.

How we go about the recording process is still kinda up in the air. We're looking at a few things, but if you have any suggestions please email us. And before I forget (because I never put this up before)! The address for the show in August is 3216 Shoal Lake Dr, Lexington, Ky.. Door charge is 2 dollars, and Dylan will be selling his CD there for 4 dollars. Cd Info Here So if your in the area, come hang out. It'll be a good time. Dylan will put a couple of his songs up as samples for the CD in a little bit. Thats it for now.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Yeah so Sean said I'd write out that story and I did, The Story and I dont have much to say other than that we have a few female backup vocalists intrested in singing for us, and we'll see if we can put them to use in songs other than Sweet Home Alabama. And In a song that Sean had written lyrics for a while ago but I hadnt completed the music before, me and Sean were jamming and a few good riffs and chords came out that we thought would fit the song perfectly so look out for that in a while, I think it It's called "Friend From Foe". Thats it for now, stay badass Methheads.


Sunday, June 12, 2005
Okay so... been a while, I know. Anyway, we met this guy from Englewood named Justin to play drums for us at an upcoming show, hes a really great guy by the way (in both the music and hes just a cool dude). Yeah, for anyone expecting to see us at that house party a while back, well, thats a long story. To make that story short, we drove all over Ohio to get Justin, come back to the party only to get kicked out without even playing a note. I dont know who the hell throws a party with their goddamn parents home, but we got the boot for (get this) swearing of all things. Anyway, that didnt work out, Dylan will type up the full story (its pretty funny) and put in on later. Im not doin it because im to fuckin lazy, and leads gotta do somethin.

In other news! We have a few downloads available to statisfy your MLR addictions until we get some full songs done. We got these recorded today in our new studio, their just a couple jam sessions with me and Dylan (Nic wasnt around today so we just had at it, he was at a shooting competition). So anyway, enjoy!


Friday, May 20,2005
Well we've been doing alot of practice and pretty much have the set list we plan on doing for our show in Lexington mostly down. After summer is here we can fully focus on the music,right now we cant because its the last week of school and the whole band is worried about getting all there grades passing and keeping them there. We must be under alot of pressure obviously, Sean has worn someone elses pants, with 3 bucks , half a porn add, and a ticket to a movie he's never even heard of inside the pocket and I've been eating out of trashcans for the past week(I swear to god that food was still good...) And In the meantime we are looking for a more permanant drummer because though we'll have Justin as a drummer for our show in Lexington he may not stick with us.

- Dylan

Friday, May 13,2005
Alright, so me and Dylan are workin on the site. Kinda. Well not really. But its because we've been focusing on the music. We've got several songs worked out, and we'll be working on recording as soon as possible. The agenda for us now is practice, practice, practice. In a little while I'm gonna make a big overhaul to the site, but we've got a lot of work to do for now and till then I'll just be making minor additions here and there. In the meantime, stay badass methheads.

Also, if you're in the Lexington, Kentucky area on August 6th come see us. We'll be playing a show... somewhere. Ill update the site when I ask Dylan for the address, I forgot again. It should be a really good time, we'll have some fun, blah blah blah. Dylan will also be selling copies of his CD thereCd Info Here

- Sean

Friday, May 06,2005
Well guys, the site is currently under construction by sean and myself, we've been working on the pages for a little while now, and its starting to not suck as much, im working on getting some more pictures for the site and editing the ones i havent uploaded yet so yeah. I'm currently working on putting some music to some lyrics sean has given me so thats something to look forward to.

- Dylan


"I actually gave Sid Vicious some bass lessons - he come up to me and said, 'Hey Lemmy, teach me how to play bass,' and I said, 'All right, Sid.' But after three days I had to tell him, 'Sid, you cant play bass.' He said, 'Yeah, I know,' and he was all depressed and went off. Then a couple of months later I saw him down at the Speakeasy and he said 'Hey Lemmy, guess what! I'm in the Pistols!' 'What do you mean?' I said. ' I'm the bass player in the Pistols!' he said. ' It's great, innit?' 'You can't play bass, Sid.' 'Yeah, yeah, I know but im in the fucking Pistols!!' Steve Jones just taught him the basic bum-bum-bum-bum. That's all he had to do, really. Anything more complex than that on the album, it's either Steve or Glen Matlock.

-from "White Line Fever", Lemmy Kilmister(from Motorhead)'s autobiography.